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Why did Pakistan give the Shaksgam Valley to China?

Why did Pakistan give the Shaksgam Valley to China?


  • The Shaksgam Valley is part of the Gilgit- Baltistan region of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), and is a disputed territory claimed by India but controlled by pakistan.
  • It was ceded to China by Pakistan in 1963 when both countries signed a boundary agreement to settle their border differences, although it makes clear that it’s subjected to final settlement of the kashmir dispute, and would be renegotiated.

Where is Shaksgam? | Why did Pakistan give the Shaksgam Valley to China? 

  • Shaksgam Valley lies to the north-west of Siachen glacier, north of Baltistan, east of Gilgit and south of Chinese province of Xinjiang.
  • Towards its south is the Karakoram range and to the north is Kunlun mountain range, and as such Shaksgam is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world.
  • The harsh terrain of the region has preserved Shaksgam beauty from easy encroachment.
  • However, though India officially recognises it to be a part of the Indian territory, the region is being administered by China since 1963 until which Pakistan claimed it to be a part of Kashmir.

Why Pakistan ceded it?

  • Sino- Pak dispute:- in 1959 China showed large area of pakistan controlled territory as chinese, soon they begin to negotiate border issue.
  • Both needed each other :- since both the nation fought the war with India both of them needed each ones help to contain India, it makes agreement possible.its also important to know that both the nation become more isolated in the world, relationship between China and USSR and between Pakistan and USA was not good.
  • Pakistan needed a genuine friend:- since Pakistan is not capable of confronting india by itself it needed real friend since USA was not reliable Pakistan swing towards china to make a deal.
  • Open future economic and military cooperation:- Pakistan was aware that once that deal is fixed it can get Chinese support from land route that develop as a karakoram highway later. All of these culminated as a cpec and sino-pak axis against india.

India’s reaction | Why did Pakistan give the Shaksgam Valley to China? 

  • The agreement is not recognized as legal by india, because Pakistan have no legal right to cede India’s territory. The pact made clear to india that it have to deal with Sino- pak axis in future, in that sense the implication of that pact is way more than just land transfer between two nation.
  • (Why did Pakistan give the Shaksgam Valley to China? )



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