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Which is the best newspaper to read for an IAS aspirant?

Newspaper reading is very important practice for upsc preparation. Preferably one should finish the newspaper in 2 hours including making notes and current affairs. The most recommended newspaper are:

  1. The Hindu
  2. Indian express

The Hindu : This is mostly preferred by aspirants. It is somewhat unbalanced ( read left leaning ) and critical of government. We don’t have to criticise the govt in the paper . It will provide you very good editorials written by ex bureaucrats, ex judges, veteran politicians, PHD students of specialised fields which will provide you various views on that topics plus their English is so good that you will enjoy reading as well as english language.

Indian Express : It is most objective and balanced with columns like ‘ explained’ which is very informative. It is a good source of contents specially for the Public administration (if you have opted this subject as an optional) and Polity in civil services mains examination.

But before you go further we would recommend you to go through (mug up) the syllabus religiously. If we learn the syllabus then it will be very easy to judge that what things are important and not important for civil services exam. So, analyse the syllabus and read accordingly.

Sections of the Daily Newspaper (To be focussed)

  • The Front page of newspaper
  • National News section of newspaper
  • Economy News section of newspaper
  • International News section of newspaper
  • Editorials (important for critical, conceptual and analytical approach)

In start most of us feel that reading newspaper takes a lot of time but you should not to worry about it at all. If you make a habit of reading then you can have the chance to reduce the time for this task.Also make sure that you improve your notes making skill while reading newspapers and we know that making notes is most important exercise for exam preparation. Remember that if you avoid making notes you will not be able to do revision just before your exams. So never forget to make notes during reading newspapers.

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