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What should be the right strategy to study Indian Polity?

Indian Polity is an important subject in Civil Services Exam. The subject deals with different topics including State Legislature, Union Executive, Union Legislature, Fundamental Duties, The Judiciary, Constitutional History and many more. In order to score high marks in Polity, you should follow a unique study plan.

Strategy for studying Indian Polity:

How to ready for Polity:

UPSC is very keen to ask questions based concepts from Indian Polity. You should read the basic text books including NCERTs. While you are studying, try to compare and study. For example, one should read provisions of President along with Governor. Similarly one should read about Union Legislature and State Legislature to tackle comparative questions. Underline important stuff and add notes in the side space of the page.

Indian Polity Notes

Indian Polity Notes

Practice questions:

You can practice questions from your textbooks itself. Along with that, you can practice solving previous year’s question papers from the question bank in Brainy IAS Website. The question bank in the app includes previous year’s questions from each topic of the subject. This will help you get an idea on the type of questions asked in the Civil Services Exam so that you can prepare accordingly.


While it is important to read, it is much more important to revise. This will help you recollect whatever you have learnt. Revising each and every topic is wastage of time. You should revise only those topics in which you are weak and need to improve. Now, how to do that? The answer is by taking the self-assessment test from iLearn IAS app. The Intelligent Knowledge Appraiser (iKA) algorithm in the app analyses your performance in each topic and sub-topic of Polity. This way, you need to revise only those topics in which you didn’t score good marks, thereby saving your time.

I subscribed to the app and found it really helpful. I would suggest you to do the same to enhance your scores in Polity.


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