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What did UPSC preparation teach you about life?


Preparing for any other exam will not transform anyone to the extent that UPSC does. Just everything changes drastically in a very positive manner. Your mindset , outlook , vision , knowledge level , communication , vocabulary , reading speed, reading habit , writing skills , balanced and rational thinking , personality , daily routine habits , mindset , current affairs , social values , ethics etc………….. { No end to this list 🙂 }

Just being successful in a career and managing to have a good life partner and family is not the sole purpose of life. But what exactly is the meaning of life can be well understood when you start spending time with yourself (Rigorous thinking and analysis) which we fail to manage while setting our other basic goals in life. But UPSC preparation actually helps you to meet and interact with your inner self’.

In the beginning, you are just a person with a dream. You close your eyes and picture yourself as an officer. Initially, we all have this naivety, a sense of innocence, which makes us believe we can top this exam in our first attempt. It’s like having “the faith of a mustard seed”. It helps us take the most crucial, and the most difficult first steps. A lot of people will pull you down for this. A lot of people will deride you, by saying that it’s nothing but overconfidence. Please do not let them get to you. Always believe that you are capable of achieving all your dreams. Believe in miracles.

Here are some points which one should keep in mind:

  1. There is no glory in failure. This preparation will give you enough highlights which can make or break your morale, day in and day out. More so if you don’t make the list. Even more so if you fail to clear the prelims. But the constant is that if you fail, there is no consequence that you have to suffer. If you don’t pick yourself up after that, if you don’t learn your lessons and course correct your preparation strategy once you fail, then you glorify your failureAnd there is nothing worse than that. 
  2. This journey of UPSC preparation is not meant to be taken alone. Be it your family, siblings, cousins, friends, flatmates, colleagues or girlfriend/boyfriend, trust me you need some of them around. You need them not only for your support or for keeping your energy levels up, you need them because they are the people who matter in your life before you jump into public service. Once you do, priorities will change given the nature of the job and the training. But right now, have them around.
  3. Be more humble in this journey, because you never know where and when it will end for you. Keep your head down and do your work. Complete your targets and never let any of your chosen distractions affect your preparation or eat up your time unnecessarily. Because every moment you waste, someone else reaches closer to their goals and beats you in the same race.
  4. You learn only as much as you want. You perform only as much as you practice. You are awarded marks only as much as you deserve. For the sake of all future conversations, please just accept that UPSC is fair and the competition happens on a level playing field once the prelims is over. What advantage/disadvantage one has before entering this race due to his/her background can not be a reason to question the examination itself. Don’t get into this habit. Look inside and identify the areas of improvement. Look outside and quantify how much work would you need to improve those areas of your personality or knowledge. I learnt this.
  5. Don’t assume knowledge doesn’t go to waste. It does indeed. But if one knows how to wield this knowledge, one is bound to be in a better position in life that what he already is. Just make sure that before entering this preparation phase and after quitting it on account of any event, success or failure alike, one has to have garnered enough knowledge and experience to decide his best course of action further in life. The process is rigorous, grinds your grit to the dust, but also makes you, forges you into a pillar of dedication and steadfastness. But only if you let it.
  6. There is a lot you are missing out in life on account of your dedicated preparation for CSE. This journey of preparation can not and should not be done in seclusion. You need to feel the competition around. You need to feel the progress the world is making. You need to have a level head and exist in equilibrium with the world because it is the same society you have to go back to work in, doesn’t matter whether as an administor or otherwise. Be in touch with life. Be in touch with progress. You can quit social media but do not quit social interactions.
  7. You will be tested to the depths of whose existence you have never known. Be ready for any and all eventualities. It will be difficult and to emerge as a victor, earn your self confidence. And use it to control the situations around you. Don’t dream of acing the exam or acing the coveted job. Work for acing the test. Be grounded. Be confident. Be smart. Smarter than others in the same race at least.

Don’t aspire for success. Just be patient and keep working hard. You may/may not get the results according to your expectations but certainly you will get something more beautiful than it.

More than success, rejection teaches us a lot about life values. That one moment when you see your name in final result changes your life completely but even after getting that success it is important to not forget the hard work & sweat you put into the preparation. 

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