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Transparency and Accountability in Corruption

Transparency and Accountability in Corruption


  • Transparency is key to good governance because it indicates openness in government systems.
  • Therefore, because people in positions of leadership have nothing to hinder a commitment to it means that information is available in a timely and accurate fashion and that information provided to the public is useful.
  • Transparency is crucial, therefore, because it enables citizens to control their government actions, and defines the roles and responsibilities between and within institutions that are part of government processes.
  • Without transparency people in positions of leadership are more prone towards abusing their power and working under or outside of their responsibilities.


  • Once positions are well defined and government activities and information is made available in the public, parliamentarians must also learn to be accountable in order to prevent corruption.
  • Through accountability public officials and their representatives are held to standards of conduct that are clearly in the public interest.                    Transparency and Accountability in Corruption
  • This requires rules of conduct that are transparent, straightforward and broadly accepted in society, as well as administrative and legal processes to discipline or remove officials who do not respect such rules.
  • There are two relationships of accountability: that of government workers to elected officials, and that of the elected officials to the citizens who elect them.
  • In the first type accountability can be difficult to achieve since civil servants, particularly professionals in such fields as health, education, and agriculture often evade control by locally elected officials.
  • When accountability occurs between elected officials and the citizenry government officials have to explain or justify what they have done or failed to do to for their people. Only then can we guarantee – that leaders will actually act according to their citizens wishes.              Transparency and Accountability in Corruption

Accountability is reporting actions and being held to standards. Because of the power of accountability, citizens have not only a say in official decisions, but also have the right to hold their rules to account.

It is the obligation of parliamentarians and other power holders to account for or take responsibility for their actions.