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Rupinder PCS batch 2014 what should be the strategy for the student studying in graduation?

Candidate should chose graduation subjects carefully as per his own interest. It adds quality to the personality of the candidate- both in Written exam as well as Personal Interview in Civil Services Examination. Economics, Sociology, Public Administration and Geography cover a major chunk of syllabus of civil services examination. However, it is a challenge in our country for a candidate to become so mature at 10+2 level. So, if in case candidate feels that he has missed the chance at such opting stage then he/she must start reading the above mentioned subjects during graduation only. Never forget to develop a habit to be in touch with current happenings- daily newspaper and monthly magazine. what should be the strategy to crack prelims examination?

Analyse previous year papers (last 3-4 years). Extensive studies and revision of the subjects, especially the dominating ones in the previous papers and ones mentioned in syllabus, is the key to success. One must prepare notes of important topics and current events for whole year. However, it is must to revise such notes at the last times near examination. Strategy for mains exam?

  Cover a large part of mains syllabus well before prelims.After prelims, immediately start revising what you have covered earlier, do it as soon as possible. Then come to the untouched topics. Attempt questions of previous year papers many times and get them checked. Read more and write even more. That’s the chief mantra. Strategy for interview?

  Make a separate diary about yourself- your hobbies, interests, work experience, educational and regional background. Analyse important happenings around you. Appear in a few mock interviews. Discuss answers and practice speaking on topics briefly. How important is self talk and thought development?

  It has a pivot role in self discovery, discipline and avoiding bad thoughts during preparation period. Do students need to read general books like biographies and autobiographies?

  Yes, why not? It adds vocabulary, view points and maturity to the candidate’s minds. How important is it join coaching?

  One should know his/her tendencies, Coaching is not of much importance for the candidates having high self-discipline. However it is a must for the candidates who have a tendency to deviate easily. It is more important to be a part of good group whether it is in coaching institute or your own personal circle. How you see yourself as a civil servant now?

  I feel better, more positive and motivated than ever before. The discipline and attitude that I developed while preparation has become key pillar for the journeys to come. I look forward to contribute maximum for the betterment of my nation. I promise everyday to myself to become a better citizen of India than I was yesterday.

Rupinder PCS batch 2014


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