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2014 Batch

1.To whom and to what do  you credit your success?

First of all I would want to thank my parents for making me what I am. Though not so educated themselves, they made my way to higher education, and constantly motivated me to pursue my dreams. Then I would like to thank one of my friend who stood by my side every moment, being a constant mentor, pointing out my flaws, making endless efforts to keep me away from the depressions and uncertainty, imbibing confidence at the times of extreme low. I didn’t joined any coaching, so I always had this fear of being isolated from the rest of aspirants.


2.Why did you choose civil services as a career?

Though I have done a specialization in technical field, I never really got the feeling of adopting it as a means to achieve my dream of making this society equitable (this is not to demoralize any technical person) because of the narrow workspace. Meanwhile I explored that line as well, I worked as a software developer in US for a while and then I worked as a guest faculty at MNIT Jaipur for the last 6 months. But this motivation to become civil servant became more and more stronger.  I want to be in the system and contributing in being in it.


3.How should one assess oneself before decoding to opt for civil services?

Personally I think anyone can opt for civil services, who have knack for administration and have the spirit of service. At the academic front, this examination require lots of patience(year long process, miniscule probability, changing patterns, unpredictability). Then one should be atleast be little bit comfortable with everything under the sun. The nature of work and study require intense amount of generalist knowledge. Habit of curiosity helps.


4.When did you consciously start your preparation for the examination?

Though I gave my first attempt in 2012 only. I started preparing only after my post graduation completed.


5.In your opinion how crucial is the selection of optional for success in the examination?

It has been very crucial. Last year I missed final selection because of it only (I got 134 marks in geography in both the papers). Lets see what happens this year.


6.How should one prepare for prelim,mains and interview?

I didn’t really made much efforts for prelim and relied on CSAT paper only. But NCERTS and standard books help. For mains, writing practice is must. And interview is more about knowing oneself, though lot depends on the board one gets.


7.DID you commit any mistake during the preparation?

Yes, IAS preparation can never be perfect. I was weak in revision(lots of notes, and was very keen to read new things from different sources), writing practice(didn’t join any test series formally, so no feedback). Apart from that time management in examination is crucial. I missed one case study of 25 marks in ethics.


8.How many hours should one devote for the preparations regularly.

It depends on the person. One should decide this for oneself. But it is desirable to be regular.

9.Could you please give the aspirants  a list of references for g.s and optional?


10.How one should read newspaper?

Newspaper should be given due importance, because seeing last 2 years papers, most of the questions were from the current issues.


11.How did our you tube channel(brainy ias) helped you in preparation.(just an honest answer)

To be honest, I came across this channel only after mains. And  I used to watch only Editorial decode. It’s a nice place to revise the newspapers. Because many students find problem in finding out the crux of the editorial due to its length.


12.How do you forsee your future as an administrator?

My first aspiration is to make a inclusive society. I will do everything to do so.


13.What is the most important thing one should keep in mind while facing the interview board?

Confidence, calmness and honesty


14.Would you have a final word for the student community?

Everyone is student for the whole life in some way. But for UPSC aspirants specifically, I would say choose your motivation to join civil services wisely, other things will get sort out by itself, your conscience will show you the path.




My interview

Worked as a software developer in US

Hobby- blogging, meditation

Optional – geography



      1. US – Wisconsin- famous industry, Detroit- famous industry?
      1. Why did u come back from US? what motivated you?
      1. Choice of cadre? Why not IFS? Why the interest is declining for IFS?
      1. Tribal provisions- constitution(5th and 6th schedule)? Why Nagaland is not there? How they are different?
      2. What are the different approaches for the development of  tribals?



      1. Questions on blogging? Last blog post? Side effects of knowledge on human’s mind (no question)
      2. Intercaste marriage, inequality? Caste hierarchy?
      3. What fascinates you in international affairs?
      1. What about USA women’s president? Views? Why desirable? Are you a feminist? Political rights in USA?



      1. Geography application- why interdisciplinary? Mother of all the fields?
      1. Link with history? Which dictate what?
      1. What is spoils system? Why being used in US? Is it desirable in India?
      1. Permanent bureaucracy vs lateral entry?



      1. Different tribes in India, their distribution,  asked about one tribe in particular(gharaisya)?
      2. Tribal uprising during colonial times? Why no tribal uprising in Rajasthan?
      3. Which tribe helped Maharana pratap in Haldighati?
      1. Mining vs tribes? How to strike a balance?
      1. What job opportunities will u create for them? How will u bring them in mainstream? Use of technology?
      2. Criteria for declaring a tribe?
      3. What are the commonalities in all the tribes?



      1. Piezoelectric effect (couldn’t answer)
      2. PARAM, recent supercomputer by India, its application? Which country has highest number of supercomputers ? Which country has fastest supercomputer? What speed ?
      1. NECERT’s plan CLASS
      1. National waterways- name them
      2. Cyber security? Threats? How to handle them?
      1. why did you come back from US? Argued on the motivation to become an IAS (leaving high paying job)
      1. Why haven’t you gone for teaching?



    1. MNIT jaipur (working as a guest faculty there), which subjects, which year?

2014 Batch


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