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The waiter by G.Rajput (Short story)

Kartikeya was a software engineer and used to find free time in the late evenings. Every Saturday he uses to visit the busiest bar in the city. He was often greeted by a middle-aged waiter and he used to serve meals to him. Kartikeya often gave the waiter lot of tip and he was happy about that.

It was the fourth Saturday of the month and the bar was overcrowded.
Kartikeya was visiting the bar with his female friend. He asked the waiter to be quick in service. Kartikeya and his friend have ordered more food than usual.
Once kartikeya and his friend were done having the meal, they asked for the bill.

Kartikeya tried paying the bill using his mobile wallet but the payment got declined due to some technical error.

Kartikeya asked the waiter “can i get to talk to the manager or the owner”

the waiter replied, “Sir, the manager is on leave and the owner is a bit bzy and will be unavailable”. Sir, you can pay the bill next week or you can transfer it online.

Kartikeya got preturbed and wanted to talk to the owner as he was not willing to seek help from the waiter.

Kartikeya began to walk towards the manager room and asked another waiter about the owner. Another waiter pointed the finger towards the waiter which was serving kartikeya the meals saying” sir,the gentleman is looking for you”.

Kartikeya was taken aback by the fact that he was being served every time by the owner as saturdays were the buzy days.

Kartikeya could neither move nor speak much but the lesson for the life was learned. Treat others like the way you want others to treat you.


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