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The Opportunity Index 2021 Report

The Opportunity Index 2021 Report

Why in news?

  • LinkedIn has released the Opportunity Index,2021.
  • The Opportunity Index 2021 highlights the difference in perception of available opportunities in the market for men and women in India.
  • The 2021 survey had more than 10,000 respondents across the Asia Pacific region, from Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.
  • It covered 2,285 respondents in India.

Highlights of the report  | The Opportunity Index 2021 Report

  • India’s working women still face the strongest gender bias across Asia Pacific countries.
  • Covid impact: Nine in 10 (89%) women state they were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • General Bias: 1 in 5 (22%) working women in India said their company’s exhibit a ‘favourable bias’ towards men at work when compared to the regional average of 16%.
  • Work opportunity: While 37% of India’s working women say they get fewer opportunities than men, only 25% of men agree with this.
  • Pay: This disparity in perception is also seen in conversations about equal pay, as more women (37%) say they get less pay than men, while only 21% of men share this sentiment.
  • Promotion: In India, more than 4 in 5 working women (85%) claim to have missed out on a raise, promotion, or work offer because of their gender, compared to the regional average of 60%.
  • Family burden: Lack of time and family care stop 7 in 10 Indian women from progressing in their careers.
  • Maternity: Consumer sentiment from the report shows that more than 7 in 10 working women (71%) and working mothers (77%) feel that managing familial responsibilities often come in their way of career development.   (The Opportunity Index 2021 Report)
  • According to the study, here are the top 20 countries that encourage female opportunity, and where women are thriving in governmental leadership, management, entrepreneurship and more.
    • Norway
    • Finland
    • Iceland
    • UK
    • Germany
    • New Zealand
    • Denmark
    • Latvia
    • Estonia
    • Slovakia
    • Switzerland
    • Canada
    • Sweden
    • France
    • Poland
    • Australia
    • Slovenia
    • Serbia
    • Belgium
    • Argentina

Challenges faced by Women mentioned under Opportunity Index 2021

  • The gender inequality at work and added domestic responsibilities amid the pandemic has collectively made women’s jobs more vulnerable.
  • The lack of time is the topmost barrier for working women.  (The Opportunity Index 2021 Report)

Measures to be taken in future 

  • The government have to provide greater flexibility to women in order to increase female participation in the workforce.
  • Part-Time Flexible Schedules and Maternity leaves can improve women participation in the workforce.
  • There should be new opportunities for women to upskill and learn the labour market skills. It can help organisations attract, hire and retain more female talent.   (The Opportunity Index 2021 Report)




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