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The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 -15226)

The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 -15226)

Bahlul Lodhi (1451-89):

  • He was the founder of the Lodhi dynasty. He belonged to an afghan tribe, the ‘Ghilzai’s’. He put into practice the Afghan concept of Kingship, according to which king was but primus-inter-pares i.e. first among equals.
  • This was the first afghan sultanate in India. He established his suzerainty by defeating and capturing the Jagirdars of Mewat, Sambhal, Koti, Khari, Bhugaon, Etawah and Gwalior.
  • He reconquered the Jaunpur kingdom and also launched an expedition against Man Singh of Gwalior and received a tribute of 80 lakh tankas. While on the route from Gwalior to Delhi, he expired.

Sikandar Lodhi (1489 -1517):

  • He was originally named Nizam Khan. His mother was a Hindu. He was the most efficient of the Lodhi and was a good ruler. He extended the boundaries of his kingdom. He introduced the measurement of land and started the gaz-­i-sikandari of 32 digits.  The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 -15226)
  • He established the city of Agra. He was a poet who wrote his compositions with alias of ‘Gulrukhi’. He got Sanskrit books translated into Persian. A medicine book was translated and called Tibb-i-Sikandari, a music book was translated and named as Lahzat-i-Sikandari.
  • He gave up the afghan concept of kingship and reverted to the concept of absolute monarchy. He is said to have persecuted Kabir. He put a Brahmin named Bodhan to death for saying there was truth in both Hinduism and Islam.  The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 -15226)
  • Sikandar Lodhi defeated his elder brother Barbak Shah, the ruler of Jaunpur at Kannauj and annexed it completely.
  • He conquered South Bihar in 1494-95. He signed a treaty of friendship with Alauddin Hussain Shah of Bengal. He conquered Dholpur, Marwar and Chanderi. However, his expedition against Gwalior and Malwa were not successful.

Ibrahim Lodhi (1517 — 26):

  • He was the eldest son of Sikandar Lodhi. He sent Azam Humayun Sherwani to attack Gwalior. The king of Gwalior, Vikramjeet had to surrender and he just remained as a noble of Ibrahim Lodhi.
  • Ibrahim then invaded Rana Sanga of Mewar but in the battle of Bakarol, Ibrahim was defeated. Ibrahim’s relations with the nobility were not pleasant.
  • He cultivated the enmity of the governor of Punjab, Daulat Khan Lodhi who invited Babur, the ruler of Kabul to invade India.    The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 -15226)
  • In the ensuing 1st Battle of Panipat in 1526, Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated. The sultanate came to an end and a new dynasty, the Mughal dynasty began their rule in India.


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