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THE HINDU editorial decoded 26th sept

india usNuclear extravagance in Washington
The editorial is written by SUVRAT RAJU AND M.V RAMANA who are  the prominent physicists.The editorial is about the criticism of the india-us nuclear trade that is going to be discussed during obama-manmohan singh meet.
The authors have put forward the following points.
1.The authors are critical of the India buying nuclear reactors from america because of the legal,technical and local issues.

2. According to the authors the reactors are not viable because of the technological issues as they have not been set-up anywhere in,it is not wise to spent huge some of money on buying something whose credibility is doubtful and is not yet verified.

3. According to the authors,india should not but the reactors from america because of the legal issues.America has always wanted india to sign agreements with regard to nuclear liability in which the american companies remains absolved.In case of nuclear accident the indian population will suffer and the american nuclear companies dont want to take any responsibility on themselves.

 4.Moreover people of mithi-vidri and kovada are up in arms against the proposed nuclear reactors.



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