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The First Noble truth: Duhkha

The First Noble truth: Duhkha

  • Life is full of misery and pain. The Buddha maintains that suffering (duhkha) is an intrinsic part of life. Birth, old age, disease, death, poverty, greed, anger, hatred etc. are all around us.
  • One may argue that life consists of both pleasures and pains, and The Buddha’s teaching is pessimistic since it emphasizes the dark side of life. But the answer to the objection is that even the so called pleasures are fraught with pain.
  • What seems to be pleasure at this moment ceases to be pleasure at a later moment, leading one to boredom and dissatisfaction, and eventually to pain and suffering. Thus, every pleasure contains within itself the seeds of pain, and at the peak of all suffering is death itself.                            The First Noble truth: Duhkha
  • In its fundamental sense, duhkha means impermanence (anitya). Impermanence is the basic characteristic of all existence- animate and inanimate. According to the Buddha, it is this impermanence that is the foundation of all sufferings.
  • Wherever there is impermanence there is bound to be suffering. If men do not lose what they have, fulfill all the desires, do not disintegrate and die, then there will be no suffering, which of course is not possible.                                                                  The First Noble truth: Duhkha

To speculate about metaphysical questions, such as: Is the world eternal? Is it finite or infinite? Is there a God? Is the soul different from the body?, is to behave like a foolish man whose heart is pierced by a poisonous arrow and instead of taking it out he whiles away time on idle speculations about the origin, the size, the metal, the maker and the shooter of the arrow.

The Buddha tries to enlighten people on the most important questions of sorrow.                    The First Noble truth: Duhkha

Buddha’s main teachings are: The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path and The Doctrine of Dependent Origination.




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