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  • As Indian science progressed, it was felt that newer indigenous technologies needed to be developed than as imported technologies were to be efficiently absorbed and adapted.
  • The policy statement of 1983 grew out of the felt need for guidelines to cover a wide ranging and complex set of related areas keeping in mind capital scarce character of a developing economy.
  • It aims at ensuring that the country’s available natural endowments, especially human resources, are optimally used for continued science in the well-being of all sections of people.
  • Technological advancement is sought to solve the country’s multifarious problems and safeguard its independence and unity.
  • The late PM Smt. Indira Gandhi announced on January 3, 1983 at the Indian Science Congress session held at Tirupati the Technology policy of the Government of India.

The basic objectives of the Technology Policy will be the development of indigenous technology and efficient absorption and adaptation of imported technology appropriate to national priorities and resources.

Its aims are to:

  1. attain technological competence and self-reliance, to reduce vulnerability, particularly in strategic and critical areas, making the maximum use of indigenous resources;
  2. provide the maximum gainful and satisfying employment to all strata of society, with emphasis on the employment of women and weaker sections of society;
  3. use traditional skills and capabilities, making them commercially competitive;
  4. ensure the correct mix between mass production technologies and production by the masses;
  5. ensure maximum development with minimum capital outlay;
  6. identify obsolescence of technology in use and arrange for modernization of both equipment and technology;
  7. develop technologies which are internationally competitive, particularly those with export potential;
  8. improve production speedily through greater efficiency and fuller utilization of existing capabilities, and enhance the quality and reliability of performance and output;
  9. reduce demands on energy, particularly energy from non-renewable sources;
  10. ensure harmony with the environment, preserve the ecological balance and improve the quality of the habitat; and
  11. recycle waste material and make full utilization of by-products.  TECHNOLOGY POLICY STATEMENT 1983

The TPS stipulates that the government will evolve instruments for the implementation of this policy.

Various initiatives such as development of Technology Development Fund, Constitution of technology development board, have been taken from time to time to implement the technology policies. TECHNOLOGY POLICY STATEMENT 1983




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