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SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA)

SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA)

  •  A new national statistical framework- SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA) implemented by India at its 52nd session recently.
  • The Forum was organized by the National Statistical Office (NSO India) of the Ministry of Statistics and Project Implementation (MoSPI), Government of India, in collaboration with the UN Statistics Division (UNSD) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP).  
  • The SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA) amount to an integrated and comprehensive statistical framework for arranging biophysical data about habitats and landscapes, measuring the ecosystem services, tracking changes in ecosystem assets, and linking this information to economic and other human activity.
  • The SEEA is a multi-purpose system that generates a wide range of statistics, accounts and indicators with many different potential analytical applications.
  • The focus of the SEEA-EA is on ecosystems and the methods have been developed to include both biotic and abiotic flows.

The SEEA EA is built on four core accounts:

Asset extent:

  •  this accounts record the total area of each ecosystem, classified by type within a specified area (ecosystem accounting area).
  •   Ecosystem assets are the ecological entities for which information is sought and about which statistics are ultimately compiled.

Asset condition:

  • At this stage of the accounting, maps and tables outlining asset condition are developed, often integrating disparate ancillary datasets relating to policy-relevant pressures.


  • Services may rely on a combination and the interaction of multiple ecosystem assets.
  • Mapping services can also integrate data relating to pressures and condition mapping in previous steps, as well as using other relevant geospatial data.


  • accounts record information on stocks and changes in stocks (additions and reductions) of ecosystem assets.
  • This includes accounting for ecosystem degradation and enhancement.

Environmental accounting is a vital tool to assist in the management of environmental and operational costs of natural resources. Valuation of natural resources is an essential input into both social cost-benefit analysis and some approaches to environmental accounting.


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