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What are the secrets to success in Civil Service Mains exam?

What are the secrets to success in Civil Service Mains exam?

There are some big secrets for UPSC CSE mains exam.

  • Quality matters to the most – When you will pen down for your mains papers, you will find certain word limits for every single question and that means how well you know and how well you can apply your knowledge on the paper are highly required but definitely not how long answers you can write down there. Those who will check your answer sheets out don’t have so much time for your long answers and they have something else to do excepting for these boring jobs. So Framing answers in a proper way by thinking about how you will start and how you will finish and what you will write in the middle in a proper way is very important. So, if you need to write a good quality of answers, try to know how to frame your knowledge and how to apply your knowledge in some limited words.


  • Trying to stick to the point – In your Civil Service Mains exam, the commission doesn’t expect a wide knowledge from us. They don’t expect Sashi Tharoor types of knowledge from us. They just simply expect what you know must be well framed and must be sticking to the demands of your questions, that’s it. Your answers should be the good combination by your bookish knowledge and your knowledge on current affairs and including with a certain positive outlook coming from your answers. Politician types of knowledge or certain advisors’ types of theory are not at all required here. Don’t give expert opinions.


  • Answer your questions on the ground of realityCivil Service Mains exam is descriptive for how well you are aware of your society and our national matters. So here, if a question has a wide link with your bookish knowledge or whatever you have read out that does not mean that you have to vomit your bookish words there rather than commission wants to see how well you are applying your bookish knowledge by standing on the ground of the reality and how well you can justify the reality with your optimistic outlook and here the real challenges come out. So, try to show a way to a solution or some positive ideas at the end of your every single answer.


  • A logical presentation – A logical presentation is highly required here, so when you will write down your answers, there must be a logical link among the three parts, your introductory part, main body, and your conclusion. These three parts must be interlinked with each other. No matter how many words your answers contain is not the main part but how well you are explaining the question in a rational way is highly required. So don’t be overwhelmed with emotions rather than try to be rational for writing down your every single answer.


  • Try to use diagrams in your answers- Those who will check your answers out don’t have sufficient energy to run their eyes on your every single line from your answer sheets. Suppose, the evaluator is talking with one of his friends as well as checking your answer sheet so that time he may not give his eyes on your answers in a proper way so that time if he can’t read out your answers properly but if he finds a well-framed diagram, you have a greater probability to get a good marks for your effort and it will save his time as well. Your answers should not be written in such a way where those who will check your papers out has to give lots of effort rather than cooperate with those and make them feel easier to comprehend what you will write down. So, try to use diagrams where those are highly required but not in every single case.


  • Be calculative before your mains exam- You will have 20 questions and for every single question you will have 12.5 marks on average so the ground total is 250. So no one can give you a guarantee for you have a very strong preparation for mains so you will be able to attend 20 questions properly, even you can’t. So, at least for clearing mains, try to attend at least 12 questions in a very well manner. So if I get minimum 8 marks for those 12 questions so I get 96 marks and for the rest 8 questions if I give a basic idea at least and if I calculate that for those 8 questions I may get at least 5 marks for every single answer, I will have 40 marks so grand total comes out 96+40 =136 which is a very good score. So before your mains exam, try to know your strong areas and weak areas and by standing on the ground of that make a proper calculation so that you will be confident about yourself as well as you will not have a huge pressure upon yourself as well. So, be calculative before your mains but don’t be calculative in your exam hall or after your exam.


  • Give more focus on game-changing papers – In the mains exam there are two papers which can change your fate and those two are – Ethics and integrity, and the next one is Optional paper and honestly speaking these two papers are extremely high scoring areas but candidates give less effort for these two. Because there is a general scenario for gs paper 1,2 and 3 no matter how well you can give your best shot for these three, you will have average marks between 120 to 125 on average but in some rare cases this three touch the line of 130 but you should not think about the rare cases rather than go with your average expectations what other aspirants also think but you can fill up the gaps by getting higher scores in your ethics paper and optional paper. So give more pushes for these two papers so that you can jump on a relative scale of preparation as compared to others.


  • Good handwriting is highly required- What you will write down in your mains exam is completely your personal business but pay more focus on your handwriting because if your word structure can’t be good enough to read, no matter how well you can give your best shot for your papers will go everything in vain. So Pay your keen focus on good handwriting, as well as no grammatical mistakes, should not there, even try to draw margins before writing your answers. In short, to say, try to present a neat and clean answer sheet so that one feels comfortable with evaluating your papers.


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