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Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development

Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development


  • Ministry of Women and Child Development have been constantly working to uplift and support girl education, women’s independence, financial stability of women, protecting the health and safety rights of women and children.
  • Various schemes are launched by the ministry to take action and plans better living conditions for women and children of the country.

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

  • ICDS is a centrally sponsored scheme implemented by state governments and union territories.
  • It aims at providing supplementary nutrition, immunization and pre-school education to the children.
  • Objectives – To prevent and reduce young child under-nutrition (% underweight children 0-3 years) by 10 percentage points, enhance early development and learning outcomes in all children 0-6 years of age, improve care and nutrition of girls and women and reduce Anaemia prevalence in young children, girls and women by one fifth by the end of 12thfive year plan.
  • Beneficiaries – Children in the age group of 0-6 years, Pregnant women and Lactating mothers.
  • Services under ICDS – It offers a package of six services such as Supplementary Nutrition,Pre-school non-formal education, Nutrition & health education, Immunization, Health check-up and Referral services.
  • The services are offered at Anganwadi Centres through Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) and Anganwadi Helpers (AWHS) at grassroots level.
  • All components of ICDS except Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) are financed through a 60:40 ratio(central: state).
  • The Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP)component was funded through a 50:50 ratio. The North East states have a 90:10 ratio.

One Stop Centre Scheme

  • It is a centrally sponsored scheme which provides for a range of services including police facilitation, medical aid, psycho-social counselling, legal counselling and temporary shelter to women affected by violence in an integrated manner under one roof.
  • It is a subscheme of an umbrella scheme for National Mission for Empowerment of Women.

Nirbhaya Fund

  • A dedicated non-lapsable corpus fund for implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety and security of women in the country.
  • Under the Nirbhaya Fund, the proposed projects should have features like:
    • direct impact on the safety and security concerns of women,
    • optimum use of existing infrastructure, innovative use of technology,
    • no duplication of existing government schemes/ programmes,
    • provision for real-time intervention as far as possible,
    • strict privacy and confidentiality of women’s identity and information,
    • defined monitoring mechanism.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP)  | Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development

  • Launched in January 2015 at Panipat in Haryana.
  • The scheme is aimed at promoting gender equality and the significance of educating girls.
  • Tri-ministerial effort of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Health & Family Welfare and Human Resource Development.
  • Not a DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

  • For pregnant women and lactating mothers. The scheme crossed the mark of 1 crore beneficiaries.
  • Is a direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme under which cash benefits are provided to pregnant women in their bank account directly to meet enhanced nutritional needs and partially compensate for wage loss.
  • A cash benefit of Rs. 5,000 in three instalments on fulfilling the respective conditionality- early registration of pregnancy, ante-natal check-up and registration of the birth of the child and completion of first cycle of vaccination for the first living child of the family.
  • Eligible beneficiaries also receive cash incentive under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY).

POSHAN Mah  |Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development

  • An initiative of WCD Ministry and NITI Aayog is supported by 18 line Ministries/Departments/Government Organizations.
  • Seeks to synergize all efforts by leveraging technology and intends to take nutrition awareness to the level of Jan Andolan or People’s Movement.
  • POSHAN stands for Prime Minister’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nutrition
  • Vision to ensure the attainment of malnutrition free India by 2022.
  • The objective of POSHAN Abhiyan to reduce stunting in identified Districts of India with the highest malnutrition burden by improving the utilization of key Anganwadi Services and improving the quality of Anganwadi Services delivery.

Mahila Police Volunteers (MPVs)

  • Aimed to link police and community and help women in distress
  • Haryana is the first state to adopt the initiative at Karnal and Mahendergarh District on a pilot basis under Nirbhaya Fund during the financial year 2016-2017.
  • A joint initiative with the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • One Mahila Police Volunteer (MPV) is envisaged per Gram Panchayat across the country

Sexual Harassment electronic–Box (SHe-Box)

  • SHe-Box, the online portal to report complaints of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace,
  • Implemented at all the Central Ministries, Departments and 653 districts across 33 States/Union Territories.
  • Once a complaint is submitted at the portal, it will be directed to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the concerned Ministry/Department/PSU/Autonomous Body, etc. having jurisdiction to inquire into the complaint. Through this portal, WCD, as well as complainant, can monitor the progress of inquiry conducted by the ICC.
  • Covers students in schools and colleges as well as patients in hospitals,

Cradle Baby Reception Center

  • The Ministry has stressed upon the need to place cradles at important locations such as hospitals, Primary Health Centres, etc.
  • This is aimed at saving the lives of uncared new born babies.
  • And placing them in the adoption net managed by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), to rehabilitate them in the familial care.

SABLA – Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls

  • SABLA is a centrally sponsored scheme to empower adolescent girls of 11-18 years and it is implemented through the State Governments/UTs.
  • Objectives: Enable the adolescent girls for self-development and empowerment, Improve their nutrition and health status, Promote awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition,adolescent reproductive and sexual health (arsh) and family and child care and to educate,skill and make them ready for life’s challenges.
  • It provides an integrated package of services such as
    • Nutrition provision
    • Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation
    • Health check-up and Referral services
    • Nutrition & Health Education (NHE)
    • Counselling/Guidance on family welfare, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) , child care practices and home management
    • Life Skill Education and accessing public services
    • Vocational training for girls aged 16 and above under National Skill Development Program (NSDP)
  • All Components except nutrition provision will get 100% financial assistance from the Central Government. The nutrition provision will be funded by Central government upto the extent of 50%.

SAKSHAM – Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Boys

  • It aims holistic development of Adolescent Boys, on the pattern of SABLA.
  • It would aim at the all-round development of Adolescent Boys to make them self-reliant,gender-sensitive and aware citizens, when they grow up.
  • The scheme will focus on all Adolescent Boys between 11 to 18 years and will primarily focus on out-of-school boys.
  • The main objectives of SAKSHAM includes
    • To make the Adolescent Boys gender sensitive, self-development and empowerment.
    • To address the health needs i.e. the physical, mental and emotional health of Abs.
    • To create sensitized Ahimsa Messengers to address Violence against Women.
    • To provide relevant information and vocational skills through National Skill Development Program (NSDP) for future work-participation.
    • To promote awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition and Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health (ARSH) and family and child care.
  • The scheme will utilize the structures made under ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services Scheme).
  • The Anganwadi centers are the central points to deliver the services, and if the Anganwadi infrastructure is inadequate, it will be provided by the local Panchayat or Municipal Committee.

Krishna Kutir

  • Recently inaugurated widows’ home ‘Krishna Kutir’ at Vrindavan in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
  • The construction of the home was funded by Central Government and it will be managed by the Uttar Pradesh Government.
  • A special home for 1000 widows set under Swadhar Greh scheme

POCSO e-Box  | Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development

  • The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) e-box.
  • (POCSO), e-Box, is an online complaint management system for easy and direct reporting of sexual offences against children and timely action against the offenders under the POCSO Act, 2012.
  • The e-Box is incorporated in the home page of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) website.
  • NCPCR has been conferred the Skoch Silver and Skoch Order-of Merit award for POCSO e-Box.

Swadhar Greh Scheme

  • Launched by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2002 for the rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstances.
  • The benefit of the scheme could be availed by women above 18 years of age

Digital Gudda Guddi Board

  • It is a platform for dissemination of Information, Education and Communication (IEC)Material on BBBP, to update monthly birth statistics.
  • The digital board displays audio video material as well as still frames for disseminating in formation and is being displayed at important state offices.

Swadhar  | Schemes Of Ministry Of Women And Child Development

  • It caters to primary needs of women in difficult circumstances.
  • This is a Central sector scheme for integrated services to women in difficult circumstances
  • Like destitute widows, women prisoners released from jail and without family support,women survivors of natural disasters, trafficked women/girls, mentally challenged women etc.
  • The package of services include provision for food, clothing, shelter, health care,counselling and legal support, social and economic rehabilitation through education, awareness generation , skill up gradation.

Nari Shakti Puraskar

  • It is an award conferred on eminent women, organization and institutions rendering distinguished service to the cause of women especially belonging to the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society on the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD).

Mahila E-Haat

  • It is an initiative for meeting aspirations and needs of women.
  • It is a bilingual portal provides unique direct online marketing platform leveraging technology for supporting women entrepreneurs/SHGs/ NGOs for showcasing their products / services.



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