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Religion-Philosophy & Literature in Chola Period

By :    April 12, 2021

Religion-Philosophy & Literature in Chola Period

Cholas: Religion and Philosophy

  • With the rise of devotional cults such as Shaivite and Vaishnavite cults from the 6th to 9th centuries A.D, Buddhism practically disappeared from tamil country, but Jainism managed to survive.
  • The Chola rulers were patrons of Shaivism. Raja Raja I assumed the title of Shivapada Shekhara and built the Raja Rajeswara temple (Brihadeeswarar temple) at Tanjore and dedicated it to Lord Shiva.

In the Chola period, Suddashaiva order appeared and the Vellala community supported this order. Kapalikas and Kalamukhas which were Shaivaite orders also influenced the people.  Religion-Philosophy & Literature in Chola Period

  • The Chola rulers such as Kulottunga I resented Ramanuja who was a Vaishnavite Saint who propounded the concept of Vishistadvaita. Ramanuja was though, successful in broadening the social base of the Vaishnavite cults.

Literature in the Chola Period

  • Though Sanskrit was patronized by the Chola emperors, there were no significant original works in the Chola Period. Most Sanskrit works were commentaries on older works.
  • The language from Dravidian root such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada started drawing from Sanskrit and began evolving further.
  • Much work was done in Tamil where Kambana translated the Ramayana from Sanskrit to Tamil known as Kambana Ramayana.    Religion-Philosophy & Literature in Chola Period
  • Jayangondar composed Kalingattuparani which is an account of Kulottunga-l’s kalinga war in detail.
  • Sekkilar composed his famous Periya Puranam (Tiruttondar Puranam) during the times of Kulottunga II.
  • Pugalendi wrote Nalavenba (the tragic story of Nala and Damyanti)



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