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Relations With Bhutan

By : brainykey   March 9, 2018

Relations With Bhutan

  • Bhutan is a large hilly country to the East of Sikkim and at India’s northern border.
  • Warren Hastings established friendly relations with the ruler of Bhutan after 1774 when Bhutan permitted Bengal to trade with Tibet through its territory.
  • Relations between the Government of India and Bhutan became unsatisfactory after 1815.
  • The British now began to cast greedy eyes upon the narrow strip or territory of about 1,000 square miles at the base of Bhutan hills containing a number of duars or passes.
  • This area would give India a well-defined and defendable border and useful tea-lands to the British planters.
  • In 1841, Lord Auckland annexed the Assam duars.
  • The relations between India and Bhutan were further strained by the intermittent raids made by the Bhutiyas (tribal group) on the Bengal side of the border.
  • In 1865, a brief war broke out between the British and Bhutan.
  • The fighting was utterly one-sided and was settled by a treaty signed in November 1865.



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