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Reforms in BCCI | 28th Current Affairs class | IAS 2019

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The Lodha Panel was set up by the Indian Supreme Court in January 2015, following allegations of corruption, match fixing and betting scandals in Indian cricket. The committee was set up in an attempt to bring back law and order into the BCCI and the game of cricket. The committee comprised of three members, namely: RM Lodha (Retd. Chief Justice of India), Ashok Bhan and R. Raveendran (both retired Supreme Cort judges).

The top recommendations of the Lodha Committee are as follows:-

1) Divide the governance into two parts: cricketing and non-cricketing. 2) BCCI should come under the RTI act.

3) Betting should be legalized, for the public (barring cricket players, officials and administrators).

4) Match-and spot-fixing to be made a criminal offence.

5) The players and BCCI officials should disclose their assets to the board so as to ensure they do not indulge in betting.

6) No BCCI office bearer should have more than two consecutive terms.

7) No BCCI office-bearer should be Minister or government servant.

8) No BCCI office-bearer to be above 70 years of age.

9) There should be separate governing bodies for the IPL and the BCCI and a 15-day gap between IPL season and national calendar.

10) One state, one vote policy. This means, even a large state with multiple representatives will have one vote (as a single state). States like Maharashtra and Gujarat were earlier having multiple representations and voting rights.

11) A 9-member apex council replace the 14-member BCCI working committee. Each of these office-bearers has a three-year term and can contest for a maximum three terms.

12) Setting up of a Players’ Association to safeguard the interests and give a voice to the cricketers.

13) Formation of a Women’s Cricket and Selection Committee to ensure equal attention.

As per the last update, both Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke had stepped down and the national and state associations were working towards implementing the recommendations of the Lodha Panel.

Update 10/08/18:

The Hon. SC in it’s judgement disagreed with the Lodha Committee’s One State, One Vote recommendation (Point number 10). The Hon. SC has restored full membership of Maharashtra and Gujarat Cricket Associations. The cooling period for cricket administrators has up-ed the cooling period from every three year tenure to once after a continuous tenure of 6 years. The number of selectors would be increased from 3 to 5, to make sure that talent doesn’t go unrecognized from various parts of the country. I hope this article helped you get an insight of Lodha Committee.

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