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The ARC while dealing with Ethics in Governance, in its Fourth Report had suggested:

  • There is need to bring simplification of methods to the centre-stage of administrative reforms.
  • Leaving aside specific sectoral requirements, the broad principles of such reforms must be: adoption of ‘single window’ approach, minimizing hierarchical tiers, stipulating time limits for disposal etc.
  • The existing Departmental Manuals and Codes should be thoroughly reviewed and simplified with a responsibility on the Head of the Department to periodically update such documents and make available soft-copies on-line and hard copies for sale.
  • These manuals must be written in very precise terms, and phrases like left to the discretion of, ‘as far as possible’, ‘suitable decision may be taken’ etc should be avoided. This should be followed for all rules and regulations governing issue of permissions, licenses etc.
  • A system of rewards and incentives for simplification and streamlining of procedures may be introduced in each government organization.                    RECOMMENDATIONS OF ARC
  • The principle of ‘positive silence’ should generally be used, though this principle cannot be used in all cases.
  • Wherever permissions/licenses etc are to be issued, there should be a time limit for processing of the same after which permission, if not already given, should be deemed to have been granted. However, the rules should provide that for each such case the official responsible for the delay must be proceeded against.’
  • It could be suggested that all Ministries/Departments should undertake the exercise of simplification of their internal procedures.
  • This should be completed in a time-bound manner within one year. Similarly, the Ministries/ Departments should instruct all organizations under their supervision to carry out this task.
  • State Governments should also be advised accordingly.
  • Doing a pilot study and getting it evaluated
  • Once the pilot stabilizes, analyzing the changes required in the rules/statutes.
  • Implementing the change.
  • Creating an incentive mechanism for sustaining the change.v              RECOMMENDATIONS OF ARC



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