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  • Raja Rammohan Roy was deeply influenced by western thought and Christianity which led him to reform Hinduism.
  • He believed in rationalistic and modern approach to religion and therefore declared that Vedanta is based on reason and even if situation demands a departure from scriptures it would be justified to do so.
  • He laid stress on Monotheism.

He wrote several books and articles such as

Gift to monotheists in 1809 —

  • It is a translation of Vedas and Upanishads into Bengali.
  • He utilizes the discourses in these texts to support his arguments in favour of monotheism.

Precepts of Jesus in 1820 —

  • Here he tries to separate the miracles from the philosophical and moral messeges of the New Testament.
  • This led to opposition from many Christian missionaries who accused him of incorporating values from Christianity into Hinduism.                      RAJA RAMMOHAN ROY

Roy was an Internationalist who believed in cooperation among nations. He was a visionary who understood the significance of justice, liberty and equality in the coming times.

He took stands towards these ideals by supporting revolution in Naples and Spanish America. He also stood against the oppression of Irish by English Landlords.

Roy’s contribution in favour of Women’s Rights

  • He campaigned against the barbaric practice of sati. Towards this purpose he raised the issue that nowhere was the practice of sati suggested in Vedas and Upanishads.
  • He appealed on the grounds of humanity, reason and compassion.
  • Moreover he filed petitions in favour of abolition of sati which was rewarded by Government Regulation 1829. It criminalized the practice of sati.                          RAJA RAMMOHAN ROY
  • He also campaigned against polygamy, mistreatment meted out to widows in the society. He also favoured gender equality in rights of inheritance of property.


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