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Q8. How did the Russian Revolution give birth to Comintern and what were its consequences?

After the Russian revolution, the Communist International (also known as the Third International or Comintern) was formed for promoting revolutions on an international scale. Communist parties were also formed in other countries, often with the active involvement and support of the Comintern. The leftwing sections in many socialist parties formed themselves into communist parties and affiliated themselves to the Comintern. International communist movement arose under one organization which decided on policies to be followed by all communist parties The Soviet Union was considered the leader of the world communist movement and the Communist Party of Soviet Union played a leading role in determining the policies of the Comintern.

The formation of communist parties in many countries of the world with the objective of bringing about revolution and following common policies was a major consequence of the Russian Revolution.

With the formation of the Comintern, the socialist movement was divided into two sections — socialist and communist. There were many differences between them on the methods of bringing about socialism and about the concept of socialism itself.

Despite these differences, socialism became one of the most widely held ideologies within a few decades after its emergence. The spread of the influence of socialist ideas and movements after the First World War was in no small measure due to the success of the Russian Revolution.


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