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Q7. What was the “New Deal” for America and What was Roosevelt trying to achieve?

“I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people” Franklin D. Roosevelt

The “New Deal” has become the accepted name for the policies followed by the Roosevelt administrations during the 1930s. This statement by Roosevelt during the election campaign of 1932 caught the attention of the American public.

Roosevelt had three basic aims which directed his actions:

  • Help the victims of the Depression. Millions of ordinary Americans faced unemployment, hunger, and poverty. Roosevelt was determined to help them.
  • Encourage economic recovery. The Depression was a disaster for America. Roosevelt knew that he had to take action to encourage recovery, to get the nation back to work.
  • Reform the economic system. The whole economic system would have to be altered so that there would never again be a Depression as bad as the 1930s.


To achieve these objectives, Roosevelt decided that direct action and intervention by the federal government would be necessary. The days of laissez-faire, of the government doing as little as possible, were over.


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