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Q5. Explore United State’s sudden rise in geopolitics after the World War

United States’ territory had been virtually untouched by the war and because of its vast resources and industrial strength it became the number one economic power in the world, controlling an estimated 60% of the world’s industrial production. United Nations, was headquartered in the United States which further symbolized America’s new role in world affairs and growing sense of global responsibility and hegemony.

Americans also viewed with suspicion actions of Soviets: support of Chinese Communists and his takeover of Eastern Europe. These factors led USA to get actively involved in Western Europe.

President Truman committed the United States to stop Communist aggression in Greece and Turkey in what was known as the Truman Doctrine. In the 1950’s, the Eisenhower Doctrine expanded this policy of containment. American military aid and advisors managed to help the government forces stop the Communists and drive them out of Greece by 1949.

Under Marshall Plan (1948) large amounts of foreign aid was given to revive Europe’s economies and provide the United States with stable trade partners and markets.

Marshall Plan aid made a huge difference especially France and Italy which were in danger of Communist takeover and Western Europe experienced a remarkable economic recovery after this.

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