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Q4. Explain how the German Invasion of Soviet Union halted its capture of Europe

Hitler had always coveted the vast territory and resources of the Soviet Union. despite the Non-Aggression Pact with Soviets it attacked the Soviet Union, on 22 June 1941.

He thought that the destruction of the Soviet Union would take about eight weeks. Hitler had grossly underestimated the strength of the Soviet Union. In the first phase of the war with the Soviet Union, Germany achieved significant victories. Vast areas of the Soviet Union were devastated, Leningrad was besieged and German troops were marching towards Moscow. However, in spite of the initial German successes, the German onslaught was halted. The Soviet Union had built up her industrial and military strength. She resisted the German invasion heroically and the German hopes of a quick victory were thwarted.

With the German invasion of the Soviet Union, a new vast theatre of war had been opened. An important development that followed was the emergence of the British-Soviet-American unity to fight against aggression. Soon after the invasion, Churchill and Roosevelt declared British and American support to the Soviet Union in the war against Germany and promised aid to her. Subsequently, agreements were signed between the Soviet Union and the two countries. It was as a result of this unity that Germany, Italy and Japan were ultimately defeated.

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