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Q2. Describe the dynamism of Non-Alignment?

Non-alignment is not an ideology or a static philosophy. It is dynamic and adjusts itself to reality and recon­ciles between the interests of one’s own country and that of other count­ries of the world.

Non-alignment does not favour intervention but non- aligned States sometimes do interfere in the internal affairs of others as India did with respect to Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.

The aid given by India to Burma during the Civil War in 1949 is nothing short of inter­ference in the internal affairs of Burma. The opposition of India to the acceptance of arms assistance by Pakistan from U.S.A. is also an instance to illustrate India’s interference into the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Non-alignment is a means, a method through which peace and progress not only in a particular country but throughout the world is sought to be achieved. It is not a negative approach.

It is definitely positive. In areas where India’s vital interests are involved, especially in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, India can­not afford to sit idle. India cannot watch merely as a spectator. In case where distant countries are involved, a non-aligned country must give moral and political support.

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