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Q10. Discuss the role of technology in Cold War?

Relations between the two super-powers continued to deteriorate into the 1960s with two sides competing in: military build-ups and space race.

American’s led the arms space by developing the nuclear bomb but the Soviets closed the gap fast and along with nuclear arsenal developed the long range Bison Bomber and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), both of which could strike United States. Both sides carried out series of nuclear explosions to demonstrate their superiority.

U.S. increased its spy flights (U-2) over the Soviet Union to determine its military strengths.  Meanwhile in 1951, the Russians launched Sputnik, the world’s first space satellite and the Americans launched their own space satellite in 1958 in response starting the Space Race.  Over the next decade, the two powers competed to achieve superiority over the other. Although the space race itself accomplished little of value, it spawned a technology revolution, especially in communications as television broadcasts and telephone calls could now span the globe.

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