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Q. “The inculcation of belief in the real existence of common purpose is an essential executive function.” Comment.

By : brainykey   July 17, 2019

Ans: Organisation whether public or private is primarily concerned with co-ordination of all the resources through the process of, planning, organizing, staffing, commanding and control to achieve the predetermined goals or objectives of an organisation.

Now, in the above paragraph it is clear that any organization has certain goals and it is this goal which directs the various units of an organization to work for the achievement of these objectives and goals.

Now, it is the top level of an organization which actually decides the primary foremost objectives of an organization. So it is duty of the top executives or administration to bring together all the different level of an organization and they must decide common goals taking into consideration, the aspirations of various people of the society and people of the organization.

This is possible only if the organizational goal is in congruent with societal goals or their basic needs. This is possible through participative management technique, and this way an executive can easily handle the organization and motivate people to direct their behaviour to achieve predetermined goals of an organization.

Public Administration Question

Public Administration Question

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