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Q.”The field of pub adm is a field of business”. (Woodrow Wilson)

Ans: According to Woodrow Wilson, the affairs of public adm are similar to that of business. It implies that the primary concern of business, namely efficiency, economy and effectiveness should also be that of public administration.

Wilson gave the concept of Politics-Administration Dichotomy which espoused the development of public adm as a separate subject of study as distinct from political science. The basic objective of pal-adm dichotomy was to bring efficiency into the working of governmental system by segregating the working of adm system from the impact of value system of politics.

Specially with the emergence of post-war developing countries, the role of govt. has become important in order to bring about socio-economic changes. This qualitative as well as quantitative enhancement in the role of govt. has to be the matched with efficient management of resources.

He also advocated the study of the mechanisms of pvtadm so as to reform the working of government mental systems & make them more efficient. However, Wilson was aware that public adm has a wider agenda than the business and the basic motive behind the attainment of efficiency in governmental affairs should be to serve the public interest in an efficient manner, rather than profit-making and hence at no stage the notion of efficiency should undermine the notion of effectiveness in the working of public administration.


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