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Q.The advent of the concept of “roll back of the state” since the 1980’s has been altering the role of Pub. Ad. but certainly not diminishing its central place in human society”. Discuss.

Ans: With the ever increasing complexity of Public Administration and its scope, it has become ‘very difficult for the governments to oversee the administrative set up. “The roll back of state” a humble concept given by former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1989 gave a great opportunity to shed off its burden but not its responsibility.

The scope of public administration has widened to an extent that the governments have to deploy more and more machinery and resources to cater the needs of citizens of a state. With this increase in activities new dimensions and new fields are appearing in the scenario of administrative set up which have administrative concerns.

As there is a limit for the govt. to take care of all these and it also have limited resources, its high time that the government give the private players some opportunity to take initiative in this regard.

Giving the power to private player will not only enhance the quality of the services but also will give the govt. opportunity to concentrate more on the more important areas. The government can save a huge amount of resources which can be used elsewhere.

But the role of government does not end here. It will be playing the role of a regulator and facilitator than the actual doer. It will have to take care of the rights of the citizens so that they do not get exploited by the private players.

In this the role of govt. in the human society will no doubt alter but it will not be out of focus, as it will remain in the centre for the welfare of society. It will keep a check on the private players.

It will make sure that the initiative taken by them do not hamper the initiatives taken by the citizens to develop them fully and freely in order to convert the society in to a prosperous one.

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