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Q.”Administrative question are not political questions”. Discuss.

Ans: The relationships between politics and public administration have evolved over a period of time. The American statesman right from the beginning of their Republic have observed a difference between policy matters and administrative matters.

This developed into a dichotomy between politics and administration. Although this thesis was finally abandoned after the second World War.

Administrative questions are not political questions

Administrative questions are not political questions

Administration according to Woodrow Wilson lies outside the proper sphere of politics. Administrative question are not political questions.

Although politics sets the tasks for administration, it should not be suffered to manipulate its offices. The fields of administration is a field of business. It is removed from the hurry and strife of politics: it at most points stands apart even from the debatable ground of constitutional study.

It is a part of political life only as the methods of the counting-house are a part of the life of society; only as machinery is part of manufactured product. But it is at the same time raised very far above the dull level of mere technical detail by the fact that through its greater principles it is directly connected with the lasting maxims of political wisdom, the permanent truths of political progress.

Thus, it is true that Administrative questions are not political questions.

Q.”Administrative efficiency is enhanced by keeping at a minimum the number of organizational levels through which a matter must pass before it is acted upon”. – (Herbert A. Simon)

Ans: Administrative structure of public or private space is based on hierarchy. The hierarchy is nothing but various levels of organization. In an org

Q.Whereas Downs model is largely dependent on a theory of psychological motivation, Niskanen’s model is framed by neo-classical thinking. In the light of the above, discuss the public choice approach to decision-making.

Ans. Public choice approach to the study of organizations focus on problems of control and responsiveness. Using economic tools of analysis, this bran

Q. In the evolution of’ the discipline of Public Administration, Minnowbrook Conferences 1,11 and III reflect the discipline’s re-conceptualisation and its changing values. Elucidate. (CSE, 2011)

Ans. There has long been a polemical discussion within the field of Public administration regarding the theoretical basis of the field. Some authors a

Q.”The field of pub adm is a field of business”. (Woodrow Wilson)

Ans: According to Woodrow Wilson, the affairs of public adm are similar to that of business. It implies that the primary concern of business, namely e

Q.In the last two decades, almost all countries of the world have experienced transformations in their ad-ministrative systems.’ Explain this phenomenon with examples from the developed and the developing nations in the context of New Public Management Movement.

Ans : In the world, during 1980’s and 1990’s remarkable changes took place in public sector management in almost all the countries. Structurally t

Q. Calling Woodrow Wilson, the father of Public Administration is doing injustice to equally or even more eminent contributions made prior to him.’ Comment.

Ans : Woodrow Wilson is known as the father of Public Administration. His seminal contribution, ‘The Study of Administration’ was published in the

Q. “Kautilya was not only the foremost politico-administrative thinker of ancient India but he was an advo¬cate and preacher of moral values too.” Comment.

Ans: The study of administration in India starts with the work of Kautilya. He finally blended the administrative studies with moral values. His work,

Q. “Public and Private administrations are two species of the same genus, but they also have special values and techniques of their own.” Comment.

The dichotomy between Public and Private administrations dates back to the starting of administrative studies. .The classical writers held the view th

Q. Democracy and good governance are contradictions in terms. Discuss with examples.

Ans: Democracy means popular government and it broadly takes two forms —parliamentary and presidential. These two forms refer to the differences in

Q. Give an account of major landmarks in the growth of the discipline of public administration in the 20th century. What are the possible trends in its growth in the first decade of 219’ century?

Evolution of Public Administration Stages Though Public administration as an activity has existed in human society from time immemorial, its emergence

Q.Describe the evolution of the discipline of public administration with special emphasis on post-1970 devel¬opments.

Evolution of Public Administration Ans: The discipline of public administration, despite the uncertainty and turmoil in the pre-1970s registered progr

Q.”… The paradigms of public administration may be understood in terms of locus on focus.” – (Golembiewski). In the light of the above statement describe the “five-paradigms” of Nicholas Henry about the evolution of the discipline of public administration.

Ans: According to Golembiewski, each phase may be distinguished and understood in terms of its locus or focus. ‘LOCUS’ refers directly to the ‘w

Q. “The inculcation of belief in the real existence of common purpose is an essential executive function.” Comment.

Ans: Organisation whether public or private is primarily concerned with co-ordination of all the resources through the process of, planning, organizin

Q.”If public administration is to play a major legitimizing role in governing our complex society, it needs to be more fully conceptualized”. Discuss.

Virtually every society today has been experiencing a transformation in its structure and functioning which is the result of collective working of man

Q.”Administrative question are not political questions”. Discuss.

Ans: The relationships between politics and public administration have evolved over a period of time. The American statesman right from the beginning

Q.The advent of the concept of “roll back of the state” since the 1980’s has been altering the role of Pub. Ad. but certainly not diminishing its central place in human society”. Discuss.

Ans: With the ever increasing complexity of Public Administration and its scope, it has become ‘very difficult for the governments to oversee the ad

Q” Though there are certain points of similarity between public and private administration yet no private organization can ever be exactly the same as a public one”. Examine.

Answer- The classical writers held the view that public and private administrations are the undifferentiated members of the genus administration. Henr

Minnowbrook conference in U.S.A. identified four features crucial to ‘new public administration’. Explain.

The Minnowbrook conference held in 1968 in U.S.A. was a youth conference and it was this young academic get together which gave rise to what has come

“Publicness” of Public Administration in an ideal democratic government remains the ultimate value in theory and practice.” Elucidate.    

Answer- Publicness in public administration can be understood from two prospectus. First perspective- what is the ultimate goal of public administrati

Q.”A science of administration would be a body of formal statements describing invariant relationships between measurable objects, units, or elements. Unquestionably administrative research has produced definite percepts and hypothesis that are applicable to concrete situations.” – (Fritz Morstein Marx)

1. “A science of administration would be a body of formal statements describing invariant relationships between measurable objects, units, or el

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