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PCAPublic Choice Approach
 Public choice approach is the application of economics in the study of public administration. This approach is advocated by Chicago school of economists such as Vincent ostram and niskanen during 1960s.It was suggested as a method to improve the performance of government in quality delivery of goods and services.

Attack On Public Interest Theory And Bureaucratic Theory

Public interest theory assumes public servants are motivated by desire to maximize society’s welfare. Public choice approach challenges this it views bureaucracy as in efficient and un-responsive. It believes that this is due to bureaucracy not being subjected to market forces. Bureaucrat is a budget maximizes and has an attitude different from private producer. Bureaucracy has rigid hierarchical structures, with expansion in functions,  the rigid structure leads to delay in delivery of goods and services. People do not have a choice and have to be satisfied with whatever provided. Government being centralized is unable to respond to diverse preferences of citizens.

Public Choice Theory

It is essentially a critique of bureaucratic model and wants to make public administration efficient and responsive and accordingly public choice approach advocates introduction of competition. It calls for institutional pluralism to improve the standards of service and to promote public choices.


It Emphasis On

1. Anti bureaucratic approach it calls for replacement with democratic administration and diverse decision making canters.

2. Decentralization and popular participation.

3. Greater role for private players in supply of public services it advocates the abolishment of monopoly of government.

4. Incentives to bureaucracy to be efficient

5. Freedom to consumer

6. Concept of economic man highlighted




1. Private sector does not enter areas with low profits and long gestation.

2. Protection of consumer interests are important.

3. Through pc draws to failures of replacing it with market is too simplistic solution.

4. Completely takes out values & public spiritedness out of P.A.




Public choice approach helped in justifying the role of market forces in the delivery of services and legitimized the institutional pluralism.




  1. Public choice approach metamorphosed the scope and nature of public administration.

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  1. How NPM is the practical resultant of public choice approach?    

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