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Public administration by G.Rajput

Public administration subject has grown organically since its birth in 1887.The subject has traversed may areas such as political science,economics,management and off late it has began to find its true roots.True is the sense that now it has began to strike the right balance between the means to be used and the goals to be pursued.

Earlier when the subject incepted in 1887 it remained confined to the study of management as it was thought that administration of private and public sector is same.Later on a realization dawned that public administration as a disciple was not contributing much to the desired outcome as the world was witnessing inequality,poverty,riots and unemployment.

This lacuna of the subject guided its futuristic journey where by the subject was redefined again and the NEW was added to the subject of public administration in USA and led to the development of NEW PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION.

The new NEW modified the framework on public administration and the focus shifted entirely to the citizen.So this new phase of public administration led to making subject deliberately deficit of management led theory.This management theory finds its less relevancy in the subject as the demands of the citizenry were different.Public administration by focusing solely on the efficiency relegates social efficiency in background and this began  to legitimizes the role of public in public administration .

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