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Q.”If public administration is to play a major legitimizing role in governing our complex society, it needs to be more fully conceptualized”. Discuss.

By : brainykey   July 17, 2019

Virtually every society today has been experiencing a transformation in its structure and functioning which is the result of collective working of many factors like industrialization, urbanization, globalisation etc. When the society develops it becomes more complex to administer. For this purpose the public administration also need a change and innovation through conceptualisation to cope up with new challenges.

The world is slowly becoming a unified whole where the ‘nation state’ is no longer effective and the concept of ‘region state’ is taking its roots, which is determined by the economic boundaries rather than political boundaries. This puts extra burden on administration as the traditional means becomes insufficient to tackle new problems.

Public Administration Legitimising Role

Public Administration Legitimising Role

With rapidly increasing technological advances as well complexity the work of administration has become not only complex but also its has widened its scope. If public administration has to survive and take care of all these then it has to develop more techniques and ideas.

All this requires more conceptualisation in public administration. This will not only give it a new direction and approach but also make it more flexible and innovative. It is imperative to impart new thinking in Public Administration now otherwise it will disintegrate like a closed system. That’s why the conceptualisation is essential not only for its effective working in changing scenario but also for its very own survival.

Public Administration Notes UPSC

Public Administration Notes

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