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Public Administration Package


135 Hours

90+ Lectures

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Importance of Public Administration

  • Public Administration is a discipline, which can be said to have utmost importance in the Civil Services Examination.
  • Administration is the field which can help you develop your thought over governmental planning, coordination, schemes and innovations.
  • In fact it is a sine qua non. How can one become an administrator without thoroughly understanding the system of government?
  • This is the reason why PubAd has always been a favourite of the Civil Services Aspirants. And the add ons include the overlapping topics from General Studies E.g. the entire part of Polity, Governance, Schemes, Ethics etc can easily be gulped along with the Optional PubAd.
  • What’s more? you will learn from the best mentor ever.
  • Mr. G. rajput, who himself is a Gold Medallist in M.A. Public Administration and a JRF holder (Punjab University). He has crafted the career of many Civil Services aspirants with his knowledge and unique pedagogy techniques.


  • Classes and material has been designed in a way that can help you to learn the syllabus from the basics.
  • LEARNING has been focused rather then spoon-feeding.

Medium of the Classes

  • Lectures are delivered in simple English.

Evaluation of Answers

  • For success in the mains exam practise of answer writing is must and to help the students in the same evaluation will be done as a part of this package.
  • Students will have to mail their answers to
  • Feedback will be given in 48 hours.
  • In order to help the students master the answer writing questions will be mailed or posted on

Support System

  • After enrolling you will get a membership number which you can use it for getting your queries addressed via mail and telephonic conversation.
  • This will remain valid till the end of your select.

The Package will include the following

  • Classes in the form of DVD’S and Pendrive
  • Booklets
  • Test series of Public Administration


  • G.Rajput

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