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PRELIMS FACTS 30-05-2018

FACT # 1

WHO Resolution On Digital Health

Why in news? WHO has recently adopted a resolution on digital health initiated by India.

WHO resolution on digital health:

  • Digital health agenda is multisectoral and cross cutting in nature.
  • Under this resolution, WHO will establish a global strategy on digital health after identifying priority areas including where WHO should focus its efforts.
  • It will engage member states to optimize their health systems in sync with the global digital health agenda.
  • It is important in the context of countries achieving health-related SDG targets as well WHO’s implementation of 13th General Program of Work.
  • The resolution will help in mainstreaming digital interventions in health including:
    • big data and its analytics
    • use of deep machine learning
    • artificial intelligence
    • internet of things
    • other emerging disciplines like genomics
  • India is committed to reforms in health services delivery using Information and Communication Technology and it will take advantage of the Digital India NSE 0.00 % programme.

FACT # 2

Blockchain Technology


Why in news? The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has turned to blockchain technology to curb telemarketing spam via phone calls and SMSs.


Blockchain Technology:

  • Blockchain is a distributed, digital ledger that keeps transaction records between two parties that cannot be modified.
  • This attribute of blockchain technology will be used to record the consent given by a subscriber to receive commercial communication, along with the authorised telemarketing agencies.
  • Blockchain has proven useful where the objective is to cryptographically secure information and make it available only on need to know basis.
  • Yet none may deny their actions or tamper with records, once recorded on the distributed ledger, which uniformly enforces compliance.
  • Blockchain will ensure two things:
    • non- repudiative
    • confidentiality
  • Only those authorised to access details will be able to access subscriber details and only when they need to deliver service.


Proposal by TRAI:

  • It has proposed draft norms to use the distributed ledger technology or blockchain technology to ensure that only authorised entities are able to initiate commercial communication with users who have subscribed to them.
  • It has made this proposal for managing telemarketers in the draft of Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018.
  • The draft also proposes to check repeated telemarketing calls and messages even to those users who have given consent.
  • Moreover, the subscriber has the option to revoke his or her consent if it is abused or is no longer relevant.
  • A subscriber may have given consent for a service but that consent is liable to be misused.
  • Under the proposed regulation, the subscriber will be able to revoke consent given to entities whenever he or she desires through TRAI app and other mechanism that will be provided under the regulation.

FACT # 3

Praapti App And Web Portal

Why in news? PRAAPTI App and Web portal has been launched for bringing transparency in electricity payments to Generators.

PRAAPTI App and Web portal:

  • A Web portal and an App namely PRAAPTI (Payment Ratification And Analysis in Power procurement for bringing Transparency in Invoicing of generators) has been launched.
  • PRAAPTI App and web portal has been developed to bring transparency in power purchase transactions between Generators and Discoms.
  • The App and Web Portal will capture the Invoicing and payment datafor various long term PPAs from the Generators.
  • This will help the stakeholders in getting month-wise and legacy data on outstanding amounts of Discomsagainst power purchase.
  • The app will also allow users to know the details related to the payments made by the Discoms to the power generation company and when they were made.
  • It will also enable the consumers to evaluate financial performance of their Discoms in terms of payments being made to the generation companies.
  • The Portal would also help DISCOMs and GENCOs to reconcile their outstanding payments.
  • The portal would facilitate relative assessment of various State DISCOMs on “Ease of making payments” to various Generation Companies.
  • It will also help make transactions in the power Sector more transparent.

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