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PRELIMS FACTS 26-05-2018

FACT # 1


Why in news? NITI Aayog recently launched the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP).

Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP):

  • NITI Aayog recently launched the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP), on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
  • The initiative is aimed at building an ecosystem for women across India to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, scale-up innovative initiatives and chalk-out sustainable, long-term strategies for their businesses.
  • The WEP has a theme song named “Naari Shakti”composed and sung by Shri Kailash Kher.
  • It aims to power a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem through an enabling network of industry collaborations, partnerships, mentors and peer-to-peer connect.
  • The platform aspires to substantially increase the number of women entrepreneurs who will create and empower a dynamic New India.
  • These aspirations are manifest in the three pillars on which WEP is built:
    • Ichha Shakti(motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to start their enterprise)
    • Gyaan Shakti(providing knowledge and ecosystem support to women entrepreneurs to help them foster entrepreneurship)
    • Karma Shakti(providing hands-on support to entrepreneurs in setting-up and scaling up businesses)
  • It has an informative, interactive website to act as a dedicated resource and knowledge base.
  • WEP aims to address the bottlenecks faced by both aspiring and established women entrepreneurs by streamlining information across government and private sector schemes and initiatives.
  • WEP is to operate within a broader framework of industry collaborations and partnerships, which cut across sectors in the economy.
  • From providing unique services such as credit evaluation of women-led startups by CRISIL and potential equity investments through an INR 10 crore fund established by DICE Districts, the WEP opens up avenues of growth and opportunity for women entrepreneurs.
  • Other partner commitments include, which has offered to provide internship and dedicated mentorship and Mann Deshi Foundation to provide digital and financial literacy to aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  • Several other leading corporates and industry bodies viz. NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, SIDBI and Facebook have partnered with WEP to provide business acceleration, mentorship and other start-up support for women entrepreneurs.

FACT # 2


Why in news? World Thyroid Awareness Day is observed on May 25 every year.

World thyroid day:

  • The World Thyroid Day is observed every year on May 25 to spread awareness of thyroid health and educating about prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.
  • World Thyroid Daywas established in 2008 during the congress of the European Thyroid Association (ETA).
  • The thyroid gland, often referred to as simply the thyroid, is one of the largest endocrine glands.
  • This butterfly-shaped gland is located in the neck.
  • Hormones produced by the thyroid influence critical body functions and regulate metabolism, therefore thyroid health is extremely important.
  • Thyroid disorders are very common worldwide, they affect people of all ages and have a large range of symptoms.
  • The most common thyroid disorders include hyperthyroidism (abnormally increased thyroid activity), hypothyroidism (abnormally decreased thyroid activity), thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland) and thyroid cancer. They are often caused by iodine deficiency.
  • World Thyroid Day aims at increasing public awareness of thyroid deceases, namely the importance of their timely diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • World Thyroid Day events and activities are coordinated by the European Thyroid Association, the American Thyroid Association, the Latin American Thyroid Society, and the Asia & Oceania Thyroid Association.

FACT # 3


Why in news? United States had withdrawn invitation to Chinese navy to participate in 2018 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercise.

Exercise RIMPAC:

  • RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise.
  • RIMPAC is held biennially during June and July of even-numbered years from Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • It is hosted and administered by the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet, headquartered at Pearl Harbor, in conjunction with the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and Hawaii National Guardforces under the control of the Governor of Hawaii.
  • The US invites military forces from the Pacific Rimand beyond to participate.
  • With RIMPAC the United States Pacific Command seeks to enhance interoperability between Pacific Rim armed forces, ostensibly as a means of promoting stability in the region to the benefit of all participating nations.
  • Described by the US Navy as a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans.
  • The first RIMPAC, held in 1971, involved forces from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).
  • Australia, Canada, and the US have participated in every RIMPAC since then.
  • Other regular participants are Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.
  • The Royal New Zealand Navywas frequently involved until the 1985 ANZUS nuclear ships dispute, but has taken part in recent RIMPACs such as in 2012, 2014 And 2016.
  • Several observer nations are usually invited, including China, Ecuador, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and Russia, who became an active participant for the first time in 2012.
  • While not contributing any ships, observer nations are involved in RIMPAC at the strategic level and use the opportunity to prepare for possible full participation in the future.
  • The United States contingent has included an aircraft carrier strike group, submarines, up to a hundred aircraft and 20,000 Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and their respective officers.
  • The size of the exercises varies from year to year.
  • On 23 May 2018, the Pentagonannounced that it had “disinvited” China because of recent militarization of islands in the South China Sea, after China had announced in January that it had been invited.
  • The PRC has previously attended RIMPAC 2014 & 2016.

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