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What should be the right strategy to prepare for Political Science optional subject?

By : brainykey   July 27, 2019

Political Science And International Relations 

Why ?

The minor reasons are-
1. Help in GS II
2. Help in Essay
3. Help in Interview (questions on constitution and IR are very common)

Time Needed to prepare Political science optional Subject
I think a minimum of 3 months are required to finish one reading but that wouldn’t be sufficient as you need to revise 2-3 times more to grasp the crux of pol. science specially thinkers part. So it will take time but comparing the magnitude of upsc syllabus it is covering (GS II, ESSAY, INTERVIEW) the time spent is worthy enough.

How To Start Political science prep
I will suggest one should start from the parts which are interesting.
Study of Constitution can be your starting point as it also covers your GS. Even if you want to drop this subject at later stage there is no loss if you have started with constitution plus it will make your interest in the subject.

1. Indian Constitution At Work (NCERT)
2. You may also start with other books like political theory etc.

Books Topic-wise 

Paper I (Political science)

Western Political Thought
Subrata Mukherjee or Susheela Ramaswamy or Brian Nelson

Political Theory
OP Gauba And Rajeev Bhargava

Indian Political Thought
VR Mehta (SR= Reference)

Indian National Movement
One And Only Bipin Chandra

Indian Constitution And Politics
DD Basu, BL Fadia.
This is such an Important part as it covers most of GS II.. you can also read and do some value addition from various magazines like ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL WEEKLY.

PAPER II(Political science)

Comparative Politics
IGNOU notes are sufficient for comprehensive study.

Theory of International Politics and World Politics
Global politics by ANDREW HEYWOOD

IR and Foreign Policy
1.Chronicle Magazine
2 Diplomacy section
3. IDSA and MEA sites (less oftenly)
4. The Hindu
5. World Focus

IR is very dynamic plus it includes a large portion of GS II. you have to keep yourself updated with the sources mentioned above and others which you can find.

How to learn Articles, amendments and schedules??
Schedules are easy to learn. just revise them a few times.
you don’t have to memorize all the articles and amendments which we tend to do in the beginning. Just read them once and on subsequent readings you can judge yourself that some of them are repeating themselves in every other chapter and those are the ones which you need to remember.Make a separate List of Important amendments and articles and past them on your wall.

All the best.

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