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Operation Nistaar



  • G.S. Paper 2,3

Why in news?

  • Indian Navy has brought back 38 Indians from cyclone-hit Socotra Island under operation Nistaar.

Operation Nistaar:

  • The cyclone Mekunu had badly hit various parts of Oman and the Socotra island.
  • The Indians were stranded in Socotra island after a cyclone hit the area and INS had evacuated them in an operation christened “Nistar”.
  • Thirty-eight Indians were brought back home by the Indian Navy four days after they were rescued from the cyclone-hit Socotra island in Yemen.
  • Indian naval ship INS Sunayna, carrying the rescued Indians, landed at the Porbandar harbour in Gujarat.

Socotra Island:

  • Socotra is located between the Guardafui Channeland the Arabian Sea.
  • It is the largest of four islands of the Socotra archipelago.
  • The territory is located near major shipping routes and is officially part of Yemen, and had long been a subdivision of the Aden Governorate.
  • There is a dispute between Yemen and Somalia’s government over the island’s sovereignty.
  • The island of Socotra constitutes around 95% of the landmass of the Socotra archipelago.
  • It lies some 240 kilometres (150 mi) east off the coast of Cape Guardafuiand 380 kilometres (240 mi) south of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The island is very isolated, home to a high number of endemic species; up to a third of its plant lifeis endemic.
  • It has been described as “the most alien-looking place on Earth.”
  • The island measures 132 kilometres (82 mi) in length and 49.7 kilometres (30.9 mi) in width.

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