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NPT(nuclear non proliferation treaty ) was signed in 1968 to prevent spread of nuclear materials,technology and weapons and to develop co-operation among the nations . This treaty was signed by a total of 191 countries except for India, South Sudan,Israel and Pakistan.This treaty recognised two groups of countries namely the NWS(nuclear weapon States) comprising US, UK ,China,France and Russia and the other being NNWS(non nuclear weapon States).As per this treaty the NWS have committed to complete nuclear disarmament while the NNWS have agreed to let go of developing or acquiring nuclear weapons.India and the rest of the countries dint sign this as they must dismantle all nuclear weapons and place them under international safeguards to become a NNWS member.Indian foreign policy was against this keeping in mind security concerns, for dismantling all our nuclear weapons will makes us more vulnerable if any untowardly things happen in the future.

Now let’s see what NSG (nuclear suppliers group) is:

This treaty was signed among 48 nuclear supplying countries to ensure nuclear trade for peaceful purposes and non proliferation on response to India’s nuclear test in 1974 at Pokhran.

Pokhran test,1974.

This treaty laid norms for nuclear materials and technology which could exported and imported and it also prevents proliferation by banning the sale of few materials used for weapon making.

Why is India seeking to become a member of NSG ?

  • India wants to become a player in this international arena where nuclear commerce norms are laid.
  • If India becomes a member it will have better international market for export as well as for import of nuclear related materials.
  • For building nuclear reactors, for providing energy we need nuclear materials .By becoming a member of NSG we can have better access of nuclear materials .
  • All nuclear based programmes of India is being run on indigenous technology. By becoming a member of NSG we will have access to sophisticated foreign technologies.
  • By becoming a member India can also sell it’s Indigineous technology therby giving Make In India a facelift.

Why are certain countries opposing India’s entry into NSG ?

India has been trying to get into NSG since 2008. While India is being backed by United States,Switzerland and Mexico for its membership of NSG,it is being opposed by China ,New Zealand,South Africa and Pakistan on the basis that:

  • A country which is a non signatory of NPT ,CTBT etc shouldnt be given a NSG membership.

China is putting forward their arguments on the basis that if India is to be granted a seat in NSG ,then all other South Asian countries like Pakistan which were non-signatory of NPT should be granted a seat too.

Meanwhile Pakistan is opposing India’s entry merely because it doesn’t want India to possess high end technologies in the nuclear field.And Pakistan also fears that if India becomes a member it could prevent it from becoming a member just like how China is currently down voting India.

So we are left to wait until June 24th ,2016 ,when the NSG members are set to meet in Seoul regarding this issue to know whether the tables turn in favour of India or not.

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