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No detention policy EDITORIAL DECODE 26-12-2017

No detention policy EDITORIAL DECODE 26-12-2017

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No Detention Policy was built into the law to ensure that students receive elementary education without fear of failing. As the government reconsiders this policy, Maadhyam looks at arguments for and against the policy decision. The role of education in an individual’s life can never be undermined. That is not a topic of contention. But how one must attain that education remains in contention.

The question of education places many dilemmas for policymakers and those who have to follow those policy decisions. Questions like which institution (government or private); formal or informal (including vocational); free education or school vouchers; subjects and the content of syllabus; teacher training and placements etc.

A recent proposed policy also brings up another dilemma- whether or not to fail students during elementary education years.

The No detention policy video deals with IAS current affairs. Considering the latest pattern of general studies exam of UPSC, it is important to prepare thoroughly for the current affairs. You need to remember and write important terms in the exam. These videos will build your perspective on divergent issues. From prelims to interview, these videos will increase you understanding and presentation. Subscribe the channel and find more than 1000 videos for IAS preparation.

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