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What must be the real motivation to crack the UPSC civil services exam?

The real motivation to crack the UPSC civil services exam?

Cracking CSE requires one to have a matured outlook on major issues of national and international importance. Also a reasonable amount of discipline and a fair degree of intelligence.

However, everyone has their own strategy to clear the exam depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it is a bit difficult to say if there is a ‘best’ way.The one thing which is common for all successful candidates is that their preparation for this exam has been incremental. An aspirant with a basic set of skills/techniques/values (these will determine the strategy one adopts) which will be innate and they ‘ll have to work upon them regularly to get them to the level expected by UPSC.

If a person is searching for the motivation to come and meet accidentally, that too for motivating him to crack UPSC Civil Services, he is definitely not going to make it to this exam.

 It must come from within like:

  1. When you see social evils and public servants not working properly.
  2. When you see BPL family still not getting their aids of different schemes.
  3. When you hear about a scam at local or national level.
  4. When you still find Women and Children as the weaker section of the society.
  5. When you want to do the best for your Family, for your Society and Nation and make your Nation rule the World through your diplomat policies.

Remember, IAS is not the destiny rather the journey towards a better you and a much better Nation.

However, you must understand that the skills required to crack this exam (like any other skill e.g. playing the piano or learning to cook) will develop in stages. Completing each stage of preparation will ensure that the proper groundwork for the next stage has been laid down.

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