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Moorhen Yoga Mat

Moorhen Yoga Mat

Why in news?

  • A biodegradable and compostable yoga mat developed from water hyacinth by six young girls from the fishing community in Assam could turn this water plant from a nuisance to wealth.

About The Mat

  • The mat called ‘Moorhen Yoga Mat’ will soon be introduced to the world market as a unique product.
  • The ‘Moorhen Yoga mat’ named after Kam Sorai (Purple moorhen, a resident bird of Deepor Beel Wildlife sanctuary).
  • The mat is a hand-woven, 100% biodegradable and 100 % compostable mat to be used for doing Yoga was ideated as a means to provide multiple ecological and social benefits.
  • The mat developed through fiber processing and technological interventions could improve the aquatic ecosystem of the wetland through removal of water hyacinth.
  • The girls belong to the fishing community living in the fringe of the Deepor Beel.
  • The innovation by the girls, whose families are directly dependent on the wetland for survival, could contribute significantly towards the environmental conservation and sustainability of Deepor Beel and also ensure local livelihood.

Deepor Beel

  • It is a permanent freshwater lake in south west of Guwahati city.
  • It is recognised as a Ramsar Site (a wetland of international importance) and a bird wildlife sanctuary. Pharma GDD s’engage priligy à la délivrer avant 18h après validation et réception de l’email de confirmation de la commande.
  • The lake has been a source of livelihood for 9 villages of the fishing community who shared this biome for centuries.

Water Hyacinth Plant

  • It is an aquatic plant native to the Amazon basin, and is often a highly problematic invasive species outside its native range.
  • The plant is extremely tolerant of, and has a high capacity for, the uptake of heavy metals, including cadmium, chromium, cobalt, nickel, lead and mercury, which could make it suitable for the biocleaning of industrial wastewater.
  • Plant has abundant nitrogen content, it can be used as a substrate for biogas production and the sludge obtained from the biogas.              Moorhen Yoga Mat
  • When not controlled, water hyacinth will cover lakes and ponds entirely; this dramatically affects water flow and blocks sunlight from reaching native aquatic plants which often die.

About Purple Moorhen

  • The purple moorhen or purple swamphen (Porphyrio Porphiriyo) is an aquatic bird found in marshy lands and swamps throughout the country.
  • In Assam, it is popularly known as ‘Kaamsorai’.
  • Moorhen known to be a shy bird, immediately hides in bushes even at the slightest disturbance.


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