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Minnowbrook conference in U.S.A. identified four features crucial to ‘new public administration’. Explain.

The Minnowbrook conference held in 1968 in U.S.A. was a youth conference and it was this young academic get together which gave rise to what has come to be known as ‘New Public Administration’.

Dwight Waldo has played an important role in the changing the direction in which public administration was moving.It was primarily to modify the nature of Public Administration that was drifting towards orthodoxy.

  • Relevance: Public administration has traditionally been interested in efficiency and economy, disregarding the contemporary problems and issues. The new movement demanded radical curriculum change to facili­tate meaningful studies, oriented towards the realities of public life.
  • Values: Value neutrality in public administration is to be rejected and administration should be sensitized to the needs of the society. The new movement advocated openness about values being served through ad­ministrative action.

  • Social Equity: The movement calls for reduction of economic, social and physic suffering and enhancement of life opportunities for those inside and outside the organization. A bold social-equity attitude is expressed.
  • Change: Social change is necessary to bring in social equity. The attack is on the status quo and against the powerful interests entrenched in permanent institutions that steadily grew into self-perpetuating power centre of dominant interests.

These features revolutionalized the concept of public administration.

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