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India has been facing a medicial oxygen shortage  amidst a massive surge in COVID-19 cases. Difficulty breathing is one of the most common severe Covid-19 symptoms so the supply of oxygen is extremely important for severe COVID-19 patients.

  • The air we breathe is a mix of several gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
  • The term ‘medical oxygen’ means high-purity oxygen, which is used for medical treatments and developed for use in the human body.
  • It generally comprises of minimum 90% oxygen (O2) with 5% nitrogen and 5% argon.

How it is used to:

  • restore tissue oxygen tension by improving oxygen availability in a wide range of conditions such as COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe cardiac/respiratory arrest.
  • provide a basis for virtually all modern anesthetic techniques
  • provide life support for artificially ventilated patients
  • aid resuscitation

Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO)

  • LMO is high purity oxygen used for medical treatment.
  • It has been developed for use in the human body.
  •  Due to its low melting and boiling points, oxygen is in a gaseous state at room temperature.
  • Liquification enables storage in larger volumes and easier transportation.
  • The most common production method is the separation of oxygen in Air Separation Units (ASUs).

Oxygen Cylinders

  • Compressed oxygen and medical air cylinders are dedicated refillable containers for holding oxygen/meidical gases in a high-pressure, nonliquid state.
  •  They are fitted with a valve and a pressure regulator.
  •  The cylinders can be made of steel, aluminum/alloy, carbon fiber or other composite material and are available in various standard sizes.
  •  They contain a high purity of oxygen gas and no other types of gases are allowed in the cylinder to prevent contamination



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