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Is math required for UPSC?

Is math required for UPSC?

The most frequent word one hears today in all education and business circles is STEM. We need to educate all students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in order to be competitive in the 21st century global economy. This issue has gained significant momentum over the last few years and is reaching critical mass but we still have a long way to go in raising the level of our education and student achievement in these fields .

The importance of a solid mathematics education goes much beyond the current conversation of improved proficiency on test scores. I have used the word mathematics very frequently in my education and career but never until recently thought about the actual meaning of the word.

Maths is not so necessary but you are going to become an IAS so you have to know mathematics upto the certain extent.  UPSC paper which is known as CSAT comprises questions from reasoning. mathematics and comprehension. Although you only need to obtain 33% to qualify in the paper but even though if you are sound in math and reasoning then paper 2 will be cake walk for u or you might end up trapped in exam. As everyone know the difficult level for civil services so if you are weak in mathematics then, start to do mathematics not at high level but upto the highschool level because upto class tenth there is only elementary mathematics which comes generally in all competitions.

You choose the subject in which you have your interest and devote your 100 % attention towards it and surely you can clear your IAS exams. It’s very important that you love the subject and honestly taking up mathematics only because of the fact that the topper took it cannot be fruitfully for you as well.

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