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Is it really difficult to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam?

Is it really difficult to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam? 

One of the most widely spread notion is about the toughness of civil services exam & “Mother of all competitions”.

 The process of preparation does require time, patience, perseverance and belief in oneself. In fact 50% of the exam preparation is psychological. Some basic questions to ponder:

  1. Why do you want to become an IAS ?
  2. How strong minded you are ?
  3. Are you self-driven or externally motivated ?
  4. How do you spend your day ?
  5. Do you take any process one at a time ?
  6. Do you plan and appraise your preparation process often ?
  7. Does little things rankle & disorient your preparation process ?
  8. Is there any familial or peer pressure in terms of expectations ?
  9. Do you surprise yourself in doing things which look difficult ?
  10. Do you introspect about your preparation or your daily effort ?
  11. Is there positivity and hope around you ?
  12. Have you given your honest day’s effort?
  13. Are you enjoying what you are doing ?
  14. Is there a positive tension or negative tension in your psyche ?
  15. How do you handle negative externalities around ?

Since the question are psychological & it tests your mental strength about making and doing things where general perception is difficult, impossible with low probability. If we get over this question we can start preparation.

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the preparation and work hard with commitment, wholeheartedly, then it is not difficult. Because, you see, you are willing to do it. The motivation is from within yourself.

The exam is difficult because:

  1. The portions to be covered are vast. You really need to study a lot.
  2. The duration- you need to persist. The exams are held once in a year. So, this attempt was not successful, then wait another year for the next. You cannot just give up halfway.
  3. There is a key to cracking each stage- the Prelims, Mains and Interview- which you need to know. I figured it out just a few months back.
  4. You need to fight a lot- with your parents (if they are not supportive), your relatives (if you care what they think) and finally, with yourself. Because, after the second attempt, you begin to doubt yourself. And fighting your self-doubts and staying optimistic is the toughest fight of all. For girls, the ‘marriageable age’ card will be played by the parents. And we need to deal with that too.
  5. All your friends are earning handsomely *sigh* and you are here, studying away, after five years of college, for which your parents paid, still expecting their help to support yourself. Yet, you carry on, holding on to the hope that all this will make sense some day.

So, it is difficult– the journey, the bends and the potholes- but I will also tell you this. That it is worth it.

Even if you do not walk away with the IAS or IPS or IRS or whatever service, when you leave the preparation, either after clearing or without clearing, you realize that you have become a better person, an aware citizen and a compassionate human being.

chiseled and crafted by G.Rajput sir


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