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Is IAS really very tough to crack?

Is IAS really very tough to crack?

There is nothing like tough in this globe. All you need is to have a dream, passion, courage and determination. If you think any exam to be tough, then from the day one of your preparation, it will seem to be more tough than it actually is.

It takes years of planning, sustained hard work and tonnes of self- belief to become an IAS officer. You begin at School, by mastering the basics of all subjects: especially history, geography and science so that you get a good grip on General Studies. You hone your skills in the Constitution of India and the Indian Economy at college, while continuously building up your Current Affairs by reading newspapers and journals.

All the while you are also choosing an optional subject at graduation level and you need to study this one subject deeply. You should take part in essay writing competitions to polish your skills in synthetic analysis and weighing the pros and cons of an issue of importance. Debating is an excellent hobby as it teaches you poise, and the art of standing your ground under pressure. Watching an international, national and a regional news channel on television keeps you abreast of the latest global, national and regional developments. Knowledge sourcing and mining on the net is an option you must liberally use.

Some qualities you should have and display during your preparation for UPSC exams: 

Discipline and Perseverance: The first of the qualities are discipline and perseverance. This seems obvious and it is. You have to be disciplined to cover the huge syllabus and you have to persevere to keep at it day after day. You will need to make many sacrifices, give up a lot of socializing, entertainment and other associated activities and keep yourself glued to your studies and your plan. You will also need discipline to know where to stop when you are delving too deep into a topic or a subject.

Curiosity and Passion: If you are a naturally curious person, it will help you enjoy the preparation period by rewarding your curiosity. Your passion to become a civil service officer will keep you going even on the tough day. This is why people who have a well defined and honest answer to “why I want to become a civil service officer” have a better chance at cracking the exams.

Focus: You will need a lot of focus to keep your attention fixed on your studies both overall on a day to day basis and while studying. You cannot afford to lose time by studying without focus.

Patience: Patience is another quality which you will have to have loads. This preparation itself spans 1 and a half to 3 years and it is not easy. You will have to do the same repetitive tasks every day for the entire period. Sometimes study the same things multiple times. So patience is going to be a friend you will have to rely on.

Other than these qualities you need to spend time on developing some skills like time management, analytical ability, decision making ability, communication skills and lateral thinking.

Above all you have to develop a positive attitude and a balanced view point. You need to be able to see a problem from many angles and develop a broad world view.

Remember, hard work always beat the talent.

Upsc is not an exam but it is a way of life. So if you want to clear this exam then firstly you have to stop doubting yourselves. You have to remove the word Impossible from your dictionary.

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