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Interlink Wilson,waldo and simon with Indian Administration

Themes of Wilson , Waldo and Simon (10):
1. Wilsonian dichotomy( separation of politics from administration) is more pronounced
at panchayat level than at state or union level.
2. In spirit of effective decentralisation the PRI bodies should also have functions like
budgeting, village police, freedom to recruit its own staff, freedom to impose taxes
etc. This will ensure that administration at local level is not a top down, imposed
model but infact is run business like as has been suggested by Wilson.
3. Running administration in a democracy is difficult compared to monarchy because of
presence of a MULTITUDINOUS MONARCH called public opinion. This was evident in
Jallikattu case.
4. NITI ayog supports the “relevance” part of NPA paradigm. Waldonian perspective
emphasized on public administration and its institutions to be relevant to the needs of
society. PC wasn’t any more, NITI is.
5. To o l s l i ke R i g h t t o i n f o r m a t i o n , C i t i z e n c h a r t e r s a n d r i g h t t o p u b l i c s e r v i c e m a ke
administration value laden, keeping public service aspect at the centre. This was the
core demand of Waldo in his voice for making administration value laden, unlike his
predecessors who had a value free approach.
6. Waldo would not be happy with the way the bureaucrats are being fired of f today in
India. He would have asked bureaucracy to be more relevant, more efficient and more
value oriented given his faith in abilities of bureaucracy( The 2nd MB perspective,
Public administration is here to stay).
7. Inclusion of ex-bureaucrats and ex-Ambassadors in Modi cabinet would increase the
bounded rationality in decision making process. It is also a grand move towards
institutionlisation of politics-administration fusion at the highest administrative level
possible. This can be a precedent in itself.
8. GST has all three thinkers working at same time: Wilsonian call to make government
running more business like, Simon’s emphasis on reducing discretion ( value
judgements) in taxation policy( Clear categorisation of tax brackets, GSTN network,
use of computers) and Waldonian call to make administration more relevant and
equity oriented( One nation, one tax policy).
9. The Waldo-Simon debate ( efficiency vs Values) is reflective in Government’s passing
of Aadhar Act and SC’s judgement in declaring right to privacy as fundamental right.
10. Simon runs through veins of Modi: Use of technology to improve decision making
process, reducing bureaucratic discretion, inclusion of experts in decision making
process, NITI Ayog( Evidence based policy making), periodic programme monitoring(
PRAGATI platform) and finally inclusion of experts in council of ministers. Thus an
PRAGATI platform) and finally inclusion of experts in council of ministers. Thus an effort is on the way to make administration more business like(Wilson) based on more fact, data and domain expertise( Simon).

Public Administration by G.Rajput

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