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We can categorise India’s Internal Security in following categories

Problems of Nation Building

  • India’s Multiethnic, multicultural fabric has been adversely affected by the problem of unequal development, caste tensions and ethnic violence.
  • This has raised the questions on the process of Nation Building with the development of equal society, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Ethnic Conflicts/ Fundamentalism

Problems of Disputes, Governance and Management— Under this category we can include the following problems:

  • Jammu & Kashmir Problem —
  • Insurgency in North-East

   Problems of Ideological Differences –

  • Naxalism
  • Terrorism

In the realm of Internal Security, globalization has led to new threats, risks and a blurring distinction between external and internal threats.

Extreme uncertainty and instability, consequently, afflict all aspects of South Asia’s enveloping geopolitical context.

The principal elements that compound regional destabilization include:

  1. Rising challenges to state power, the progressive weakening of governments, and widening spheres of non-governance and disorder.
  2. The restructuring of the global geopolitical architecture.
  3. The release of a variety of violent nationalist and sub-nationalist movements across Asia and Eastern Europe.
  4. An increasing polarization between “globalizing powers” and those that are, or perceive themselves as being, marginalized by globalization—stresses that are further aggravated by the inequalities and inequities that characterize contemporary globalization processes.
  5. The resurgence of radical political ideologies of mass mobilization, including religious— particularly but not exclusively Islamist—extremism, ethnic fundamentalisms, and Maoism, across wide regions.
  6. The emergence of “new ways of warfare”—specifically terrorism and sub-conventional wars— and their adoption by both non-state actors and a number of state entities to secure political goals.                                                            INDIA’s INTERNAL SECURITY PROBLEMS
  7. The proliferation of technological force multipliers and sophisticated weapons and explosives among non-state groups, facilitated by irresponsible, predatory, and rogue states.
  8. Widening areas of escalating environmental, economic, resource, and social stresses.


Internal security

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